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You have probably heard the song “Angel Baby” a thousand times on TikTok. Almost everybody has used the song in one of their videos. The segment that they often use from the song is just the lyrics “Oh, my angel / Angel baby, angel / You’re my angel, baby / Baby, you’re angel.” A lot of people may be mad that the song has been played to death. But for Troye Sivan, he is just enjoying the popularity his song is getting. Any artist would be elated to have song become popular. But Troye’s journey to having a viral hit started when he was first uploaded a video on YouTube.

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Troye started posting videos on YouTube when he was 13. The first ever video of his channel was a cover of Declan Galbraith’s Tell Me Why. You couldn’t really tell that he was thirteen because he had such a cherubic kind of vibe. Most of his early videos were either clips of his live performances during the Channel Seven Perth Telethon and other song covers. He already had a singing career of sorts very early on. But it didn’t really lead to more releases. He cast in movie called Spud in 2010. After that he didn’t really post a lot.

It was in August 2012 that he posted an introductory video just going through his life up at that point. I forgot he played young Wolverine in one of the X-Men movies. He continued to post covers and original work on the channel. But most of the uploads after that have been vlogs. That basically became his career for the next six years or so. He did so many different types of videos including challenges and sketches. He collaborated with a lot of other YouTubers including Tyler Oakley and Connor Franta. It was in 2013, when he did an original song based on the John Green novel “The Fault In Our Stars” that lead to Troye’s popularity to rise.

A few months after that, Troye signed with EMI Music Australia. In 2014, he released his EP TRXYE. He also released a music video for his song Happy Little Pill which, at the time of writing, has reached 43 million views. He still did a lot of blogs after releasing TRXYE. For the most part, Troye was still able to make videos with his fellow YouTubers while his music career was going. You can sort of tell that it’s difficult to juggle two different careers at the same time. He got asked to events because of his status as YouTuber but he hasn’t really done much performing live since he was 13.

In 2015, Troye announced at Vidcon that he was releasing new music. There was a bit of teasing where his profile photo would shrink every few weeks until a petal was left. That teaser was for his second EP, Wild. As soon as that EP was released, Troye started to post less and less vlogs on his channel. Shortly after the release of Wild, he released his debut album Blue Neighbourhood. He made his late night debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon shortly.

That was basically the start of his career as a full-pledged singer-songwriter. He did a few test shows under the pseudonym Vain Oyster before he went on tour in the North America, Europe and Australia. During that time, he released the Blue Neighbourhood trilogy of music videos featuring the songs Wild, Fools and Talk Me Down. After finishing the tour, he went back to the studio to record more music.

In 2018, he released two songs, My My My! and The Good Side, in anticipation of his debut as musical guest on Saturday Night Live and the upcoming release of his second album Bloom. Music was pretty much his focus by then. He still posted a few vlogs on his channel. During the pandemic, he released the EP In A Dream. Then he went back to acting in the film “Boy Erased.”

After the release of In A Dream, Troye hasn’t really released any new music aside from Angel Baby. In early 2022, he starred in the film Three Months. At the time of writing, his net worth is about $6,000,000. He will also be starring in the HBO series The Idol sometime next year.

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