Wealth Accelerators Automation Review (Trucking Accelerators)

Trucking Accelerators

Truck Accelerators is promising a lucrative passive income biz of around $10,000 gross profit for you a month. As their name implies, the said biz is all about setting up your own trucking business. They call it the “trucking automation model.” In their ad, they mentioned that there’s no time commitment and work from you required. Basically, everything is done for you. Ever wonder if this is the perfect side hustle for you? Find out by reading this Wealth Accelerators Automation review below.

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Before jumping to what Truck Accelerators has to offer, let’s make sure you understand the basics of a trucking business. At its core, the biz requires your truck, either your very own or something you leased, to deliver freight from point A to point B in a timely manner. You’ll be the one to decide which type of freight you’ll handle.

Regardless of the freight, Truck Accelerators got you covered. Instead of you doing all the work to set up and manage the biz, they’ll do it ALL for you. No need to worry about keeping up-to-date on federal and state regulations regarding trucking business. In fact, no need to worry about running the biz at all.

First, Truck Accelerators will find and snag a truck for you. They’ll also hire a staff that’ll drive the said truck. And no, this is not the part where automation in the “trucking automation model” kicks in. Sad to say, no self-driving trucks for you.

Moving on to the next step, they’ll also submit all the paperworks required to register your truck. All the bits and bobs too just to make sure that your biz is legally compliant. This includes listing the trucking biz on DOT, securing licenses required depending on your state, and handling all the necessary inspections.

Third and final step, they’ll get your truck on the road. The start of your business’ operation, essentially. The most important tidbit here is the net profit share. 50% to you, the rest is for Truck Accelerators to take. Similar to Michael Walding’s program, this cut is what they refer to as “management fee.”

I already find Michael’s cut of 35% to be steep, Truck Accelerators’ 50% is just too much. It’s expected as they must be compensated as the service partner, but the figure could be trimmed down to a more reasonable level. I mean, you, the financial partner, will be the one to shoulder the  major risk here. As in, you’ll cover the entire cost requirement which would be hefty. All the moolah, including credit if needed, will be from you.

How expensive it is, you might wonder? Well, we’re talking about six figures for the truck alone if you’ll purchase one. On average, semi trucks from popular manufacturers such as Volvo and Kenworth cost around $125,000 to $150,000. Similar numbers when you opt to lease it first (at least, in the long run). To add, truck insurance costs around $9,000 – $12,000 per year.

Wealth Accelerators Automation Review

Aside from that, you’ll also need to cover the cost for all the licenses and business  registration required. Of course, you’ll also pay Truck Accelerators an upfront fee, besides the profit share, for their “expertise” and service.

TBH, I have doubts on their expertise too. This is linked with Truck Accelerators’ CEO, Mike Sancho, who is always coming up with programs that are weirdly unrelated to each other. Whatever the current craze is, that’s what Mike has to offer. What I get here is that they’re just riding the hype to sell you a program, they DGAF if they can actually do it or not. I mean, a review for their automated Amazon FBA offering mentioned them, the same team behind Truck Accelerators, struggling to set up a store for 7 months already. It’ll likely be the same for their trucking business that offers “automation” too.

For the cost alone, I’ll say a big fat NO to this business as a side hustle. Too risky, IMO. Besides, I don’t think I’ll be trusting my money to Truck Accelerators anytime soon. You should do the same as me and steer away from Trucking Accelerators. There’s no verifiable success stories, no disclosure or any hint of potential cost on their site, and no proof that they’re legit experts in the trucking business. 

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