Mikkelsen Twins And Forbes: Truth Exposed

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Christian and Rasmus, more commonly known as the Mikkelsen twins, are probably some names that you’ll find to be very familiar at this point. You may have seen them with their numerous video ads on various social media. But more importantly, you may have also seen them featured in various business publications around, most especially, in Forbes and Disrupt Magazine. And most of them put an emphasis on their so-called “hidden business model” that less than 1% are taking advantage of, or so they say. The question at this point is, does this mean the Mikkelsen Twins are credible individuals and that should we consider enrolling in their training programs? The answer’s a bit complicated…

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As stated before, you may have seen them regularly as their video ads are all over YouTube, and even on Facebook. Let me play devil’s advocate with what I just saw. Christian starts off by saying that all you hear, in terms of making money on Amazon, is people selling physical products. So first off, I have to disagree. A year ago, yes. Amazon FBA was all the rage. But thanks to your advertisements, we all now know that self-publishing ebooks and audiobooks are where they are, right?

During the ad presentation, Christian shows the cover of the December 2020 issue of Forbes (print edition), with what appears to be him and Rasmus on the cover. This is quite impressive at first glance. But by Googling the image, you’ll find out that instead of them, Travis Scott is actually on that cover. Turns out, they weren’t even featured on the printed edition. What they had was an article deep in the archives of the Forbes website, that reads like a pitch for their Publishing Life brand, and was written by some girl who’s no longer a contributor there. I suspect they paid for the article and filmed their cover to make it look more legitimate.

Think about it. Is that even ethical? To not disclose that you paid for the feature? And then go out of your way to trick people into thinking you’re already on the cover of Forbes? Alongside some of the big names like Spotify’s Daniel Eck, OG Michael Dell for PC, VP Kamala Harris, and tech billionaire twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss? Of course not. Anyone would say it’s not ethical. And yes. Shame on Forbes who sold out and allowed these things in the first place. It could also be the same case for their feature in Disrupt magazine.

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Christian’s next line in the ad is that he and Rasmus have a “never-before-seen way of using Amazon to make money.” However, when I did a Google search for the terms “make money with audiobooks” or “earn money self-publishing on Amazon” or something similar, I get step-by-step guides that go as far as 2011. But wait. There’s more. On the fourth result of the search results is a YouTube video from 2018, made by, yep, you guessed it, “Mikkelsen Twins – PublishingLife.” I mean, it’s funny what these two people can say and do to get your money.

What else? Christian states that their method to make money on Amazon is cheap, very passive, and, again, “brand new and completely untapped, with almost no competition.” However, looking further into the business model, these claims are obviously exaggerated. A high-quality audiobook that is outsourced can cost a total of $2,000. Which is already expensive. And it’s not something like “Set & Forget” at all. You have to market it and get positive reviews and stuff. Because, well, it’s actually been around for quite some time now, thus it’s extremely competitive at this point.

Regardless, Christian promises that anyone can buy their Audiobook Income Academy course and make money without too much difficulty. And you can do it in a few days. However, if you watch a recent YouTube video, you can hear their AIA coaches having objections about this. This is still a form of business, that you need to be patient and put in the required work, and probably wait 6-12 months before you can actually expect results. Why do these creators fool people like that? Won’t it just attract the wrong type of students anyways?

Of course, the ad ends with the twins inviting you to go attend the “100% free training” he put together to teach you this “new way to make money on Amazon that has nothing to do with selling physical products.” Which, in truth, is just another long video pitch about their Audiobook Income Academy online course, and doesn’t contain any training at all. But after knowing that these people paid to get featured in an online business magazine, instead of being invited, I don’t think I can put any faith in their training program at all. Besides, the business model isn’t really that great nowadays. Too saturated.

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