Tube Ads Academy Review (Jon Penberthy)

Advertising can cost you a lot of money. If you’re a small business wanting to get more people to patronize your business and services, the internet is the most common place to advertise it. A lot of businesses operate solely through the internet, especially if you don’t really have a brick and mortar location. But getting into the advertising side of things can be a challenge. How do you exactly begin advertising your business on a platform like YouTube if you have no marketing experience to begin with? That’s where Tube Ads Academy comes in.

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Tube Ads Academy is an online learning platform that was founded by online marketing expert Jon Penberthy. It’s not a surprise there are a lot of people with that kind of expertise that are on the internet nowadays. With so many people buying stuff online, a lot of businesses have put some attention into a having an online storefront. The challenge that small businesses and companies face is how to get people to go to your website and retain those regulars in the long run. The answer to that is digital or online advertising.

If you have every scrolled on your social media feed, searched for something on either Google or YouTube, you have probably come across a lot of different ads. On YouTube, you kind of dread having to sit through five seconds of an ad waiting for the “Skip Ad” button to pop up. Sometimes you can’t even skip them. Depending on the kind of advertisements you see, the range of emotion can vary. Some ads can be very annoying, while others you feel like you just have to live with in. There’s probably been a chance that you may have seen Jon show up in one of those ads.

What you get with Tube Ads Academy is basically a crash course on how to effectively create a video campaign so that people go to your website and you hopefully retain a bunch of them. There are a lot of different resources that you can find online that takes you through some of the things that are talked about in Tube Ads Academy. YouTube has a website that has some of the basics you need to be aware of when you create an account through their advertising platform. Even Jon has a bunch of videos from a few years ago that basically informed what Tube Ads Academy was going to be.

It seems that Tube Ads Academy started out as a free web class but has since shifted into a paid training platform. I could understand why they shifted towards a paid model. If you have something valuable to teach other people, why not monetize it? The entire program costs $995 up front. There also seems to be an option to pay for it in installments. But I do want to point out that you’re actually paying more through installments than up front. The program goes through each step of the process to creating a video campaign. There are also a bunch other bonuses that you get from the fee that you’re paying including a private Facebook group with students in the program.

The program itself looks decent enough. Since the program goes through every part of the process, it’s easy to understand everything that you need to do. Like I said, Jon Penberthy has a lot of videos on his YouTube channel that might have some of the information that’s also covered in the Tube Ads Academy program. But it does seem like those videos kind of serve as teasers for what you will learn in the program.

I get it. $995 is a lot of money. That’s not even including the amounts you’ll actually spend on the video campaign that you will create with the help of the information from the program. Advertising a business in any form always costs money. But it seems that the things that Jon will teach you in the program is backed by experience. The website for the program could have been designed a little bit better, to be honest. But since you don’t have to pay them that kind of amount on a regular basis, it seems like it could be a good investment. The success you may get by learning from the program will still depend largely on you. The information is there, it’s up to you how you will apply it for your business.

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