Reviewing The Mikkelsen Twins’ Net Worth

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Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen, known as the Mikkelsen Twins, are brothers who are known to earn a good amount of money on Amazon. While they have tried various methods to make money in the online space, eventually, they settled on self-publishing various kinds of books on Amazon. Whether it’s physical books, ebooks, or even audiobooks. Since then, they have built a website called “Publishing Life”, as well as an online course, “Audiobook Income Academy”, with the aim to teach others on how they can emulate their success at self-publishing. But are they really earning from Amazon self-publishing, or they’re just earning from the online courses they sell? And what is their net worth?

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A little bit of history about them first. In comparison to their life today where they frequently have to interact with their audiences, Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen are actually those shy-type introverts when they were in high school. They rarely interact with their classmates, rarely talk in class, and they’re pretty much always in the background, not standing out too much. Again, it’s in stark contrast to what they are now. No one even expected that they would succeed like this, since it does seem that they’ll be losers for life.

After graduating high school, they moved to Denmark for a couple of years. Here, their life was a little bit on the wild side. As they were constantly moving from one day job to another, and during that time, they began to do things like smoking weed, etc. It was then in 2015 that their life took a turn for the worse. Because of this, they ended up back living in their parents’ house in New Jersey. Basically, they think their lives are meaningless during this period. They’re at a total loss on what to do. They consider themselves an embarrassment.

But of course, they knew they had to do something to rectify the situation. After all, they can’t be like that forever. So they got their heads together and decided to get truly serious about the future of their lives. They started it by enrolling in a local community college. And thanks to their hard work and perseverance, they got high marks and built up their much-needed confidence. And as a side job, they worked at a local Chinese diner as deliverymen for Chinese food. Furthermore, they listened to various audiobooks and podcasts on entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and everything related to it.

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This is where they realized that they’re capable of so much more. They knew that they could do more than just do the 9-5 grind to earn money. And so they started to quit college, and instead, enrolled in different online courses to find the best method for them to make money online. And even then, they still had several setbacks, including being scammed, losing a lot of their money, etc. But they never gave up. They stubbornly proceeded. And now, all their efforts are finally paying off.

Initially, they too different methods to earn money. Rasmus tried dropshipping, while Christian was into self-publishing. A year later, it becomes apparent that Amazon self-publishing is getting much better results than dropshipping. So Rasmus quit dropshipping altogether and joined Christian in the self-publishing space.

They tried selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle first. As they realized that they need more variety, they then started creating audiobooks as well. But they themselves didn’t do any writing or narrating for these books. Instead, they relied on outsourcing them to ghostwriters, hiring them to write the books for them. This allowed them to develop a passive income stream on Amazon. Basically, they earn money while not doing any writing. And it worked for them.

In January 2017, Christian earned his first $1,000 in his first month. And by December of 2017, he was doing $10,000 every month. However, after a fatal blunder by Christian in relation to the very poor quality of the books he published, he got banned from publishing. It’s not the end of the road for them, however. They started by uploading various YouTube videos that teach others how they can achieve the same level of success as they did with self-publishing. These then evolved into a full-fledged online course which they now call the “Audiobook Income Academy”. Now they make millions selling that. We can assume that the Mikkelsen twins’ net worth is three million each.

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