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James Bonadies’s Two Page Sites Reviews

James Bonadies

Nowadays every digital platform or social media advertises some funky stuff.

It is hard to believe something with just some “so I hear” ads that you can see every day while you’re browsing and scrolling the internet.

Keeping tabs on digital ads or courses typically involves monitoring and tracking their performance, engagement, and effectiveness.

In this digital era, you don’t need to walk and talk to every stranger in the streets to collect information or reviews about something,

you can just make accounts on every social media you want to use to do it or you can search for information from different websites.

There’s this one thing you might see from different websites, they will provide you a link trying to convince you to avail of their online course and that is Two Page Sites.

In this review, we will talk about the creators of  Two Page Sites, the other program, Local Marketing Vault that the creators have built, and if this is legit or a big S.

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What is Two Page Sites

At first, you might think this is just a random website containing some words within two pages, but there is more than that.

This is a lead generation platform specially made for local businesses.

Its goal is to help businesses effortlessly attract buyers, retain them, and encourage them to make more purchases in the future.

These leads are crucial for the global digital market to widen your customer base and boost revenue.

Two Page Sites simplifies the process of setting up effective campaigns on Google Ads or Facebook Ads, even without a marketing background.

Local businesses are willing to invest heavily in acquiring these leads because they see potential from them. Imagining yourself having to deal with a lot of stress worrying about how you can organize your logistics?

Well in this program, you don’t need to worry about that. There is no requirement for physical inventory. You’ve just dodged a bullet containing a stress powder!

Your only objective is to attract online traffic and convert them into valuable potential customers, and of course, every local company wants their hands to be a part of these leads.

They’ll also reveal the ‘Pin Method’ that works like magic when combined with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It is said that this method is the key to lead generation success.

In this program, you will know all the inclusion. You will learn the genius “Pin Method” that will attract your clients to do some magical work.

Once you learn this, your clients will never attempt to pull the pin doing business with you.

You will also learn the exact advertising methods every single business necessary for your business growth.

Learning about these methods and strategies will surely sharpen your mind and will lead you to financial growth.

Getting access to the informative “Article” is also part of this. This article will justify the increase in present business spending.

Exploring this reliable source shows how companies are investing at an exceptional rate, offering a great chance for marketers.

Plus they will tackle the “2 Page Sites” that causes many students to achieve their success.

You will look at the life-changing ability of the “2 Page Sites” that have ascended a large number of students towards inspiring success and discover how these sites have played a crucial role in countless student achievements and showcasing their effectiveness.

Exclusively, you will also see the “Online Model” only big businesses possess the knowledge to take advantage of it and understand how to capture a small share of this

profitable online sector and you will obtain unique knowledge about this highly developed “Online Model” broadly utilized by well-established business organizations. 

To put the sauce in the pizza, you will understand how this model functions and how to set up your position in the commercially successful online market valued at billions.

And the last but certainly not the least? You will get free uninterrupted training for the effortless campaign that will make the way to earn your first thousand online.

This training will provide some techniques and ways that you should remember needed for your online success.

When you do start and sign up, you get access to owner-based software called Agency Toolbox which should combine all of the tools you need to run effective ad campaigns and generate leads.

You also get ready-made landing pages where traffic is directed after people click on the ads.

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The Creators

James Bonadies

James Bonadies

James Bonadies, one of the creators of Two Page Sites, was born in New Jersey on April 19, 1978, and was raised by his Italian father who instilled in him a strong work ethic and financial discipline.

Rather than playing outside as a child, James spent his time reading books on money and marketing, showing a clear passion for these topics from a young age.

After graduating from Wayne Hills High School in 1998, he went on to earn a degree in Economics from Caldwell University.

Following his college education, Bonadies made a living on a 13-year career in public education, starting as a Business Education teacher and eventually rising to the position of Vice Principal.

Married to his wife, Natalia, they live in Wayne, New Jersey with their two children, a boy and a girl. In 2004, Bonadies pursued his dream of furthering his business knowledge by obtaining an MBA from Caldwell University.

Despite his dedication to his work as a teacher and Vice Principal, he felt undervalued and underpaid.

Believing that he could do much more, he began his exploration into making money online. However, he soon discovered the widespread presence of scams and schemes in the online world that promised easy wealth but failed to deliver.

Being determined and passionate about supporting his family financially, James keeps on searching for legitimate online business opportunities.

And soon he found himself being one of the creators of one of the most legitimate online courses online.

Jason McKim

Jason McKim

This guy right here brought James to the world of the business industry because he knew James was struggling to support his family well.

Jason lived his life as a financial consultant but eventually realized it was not his comfort zone and he hated it. He switched to working at a law firm and started discovering SEO in his spare time.

Over the past years, he decided to start his own business, with a primary focus on mastering SEO and paid traffic to ensure success.

Eventually, he partnered with Jason to assist others in producing their profitable online businesses.

With all of his learnings about SEO, Jason demonstrated an excellent and advanced ability to use paid traffic, especially focusing on YouTube ads.

With experience handling large ad budgets, he has generated close to 500,000 leads for high-ticket and local marketing.

He began working with Youtube ads back in 2014 and by doing it for a while, he obtained knowledge and skills that he can use to market himself and sell people with his spotless results.

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Two Page Sites

It is basically a helpful tool for local businesses to find new customers online.

It sets up a simple webpage where people can just easily leave their info and after that businesses can reach out to the individuals and turn them into potential customers.

How Do Two Page Sites Work?

This business scheme focuses on the local marketing business model, teaching participants how to use paid advertising on platforms such as Google and Facebook.

The main goal of this program is to help their students attract local businesses to hire them as their marketing and lead generation agency.

Two Page Sites consists of two key components and one of them is creating an effective two-step website funnel involving using the provided training and tools to build a landing page,

enhanced for Google and Facebook Ads, capture leads with an opt-in form, and sell these leads to local businesses.

The second one is beginning proactive outreach and cold calling potential clients involves demonstrating your lead generation skills and persuading them to hire you as their marketing agency.

Even though it requires perseverance to face possible rejection, successfully securing clients and earning revenue will be the end goal here.

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Two Page Sites Cost?

Now, if you’re looking at their website for the Two Page Sites’ price, you won’t find any. You should ask for it directly if you want to know the details.

It seems like it could be in the ballpark of $3,000 but that’s flexible depending on what they throw in. Direct contact with them is the best way to make sure of their exact price.

The deal is, “Two Page Sites” is merely a tool, just the methodology they use for this gig. 

The real thing that will teach you everything about launching the business model that mainly uses the Two Page Sites, is known as the Local Marketing Vault.

This is where you will deep dive, to know the ins and outs, and this is where they will dish out all the juicy knowledge and coaching you need to get things off the ground.

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Local Marketing Vault

Local Marketing Vault

You may still be wondering, What is Local Marketing Vault? Well, you can consider this thing as a roadmap for anyone looking to dive into the advertising agency game.

Surely, it covers the basics of ad management, but it goes way beyond that. We’re talking about building a legitimate business using advertising methods that work.

The cool thing about it is that it’s tailor-made for local businesses who wants to evolve, who want to outgrow their old-school tactics.

They won’t just throw you information for you to figure it out yourself. They’ve got these pre-built landing pages ready to roll, making life a whole lot easier for folks who want to try out this program.

James and Jason have made a blueprint that would simplify complex details to help out their participants thoroughly.

In addition to that, the course is packed with over a dozen lessons covering everything from Facebook Ads to Google PPC and crafting those all-important funnels.

It’s like a crash course in taking your business to the next level, from zero to hero in the digital advertising world.

Local Marketing Vault has got your back when it comes to client acquisition and even expanding your services down the line.

Plus, they also have this sales training, which makes it a game-changer. They will walk you through closing a trial client step by step, which is really helpful for someone who’s struggling with sales techniques. 

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Local Marketing Vault Cost

While the pricing specifically the Local Marketing Vault may not be readily accessible on their website, deeper inquiries have revealed that the enrollment cost typically hovers around $3,000. 

Furthermore, assessments from multiple reviews suggest that the cost is perceived as justified and worthwhile.

These reviews consistently express positive sentiments regarding the value and effectiveness of the course relative to its cost.

Participants often find the program beneficial and rewarding, citing the knowledge and expertise gained as significant returns on their investment.

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Local Marketing Vault 24 Modules

You may still be wondering, how effective Local Marketing Vault is, you may refer to this section for you to know its capabilities, as you will see a breakdown of the 24 modules of this entire course.

Try not to be overwhelmed as each of these modules is equipped with tools and tricks, simplified for you to easily absorb.

Module 1 – Getting Started

In this, James and Jason will start by giving you the basics, where they will lay out how the course is set up.

But the real gem in this module is their tip on how to make yourself look good to your future clients. They will clue you in on a way to make yourself seem like a total pro.

Module 2 – Getting Clients

This part of the course is where you’ll be taught on how to get clients on board. They will teach you stuff such as making cold calls, sending cold emails, and even advertising on places like Craigslist.

Module 3 – The Vault Mindset

Here, Jason McKim will act like your mindset coach, as he will lead you to get your head in the game.

Jason is saying to not have a backup plan. Risky? Yes, but does he have a point? Of course! Come to think of it, if you’ve got too many options lying around, you might not give it your all.

But if you’re all in, with a limited safety net, you’re more likely to go all out. It’s like putting yourself in a “Make or break” position, in a positive way.

Module 4 – Vault Marketing Strategy Training

This module will teach you about something called the “Value Ladder.” It’s basically a game plan for offering your services.

First, you will give them something valuable for free to earn their trust. And once they do, you will start offering them better stuff for a fee.

It’s like moving up a ladder together, getting better and better as you go.

Module 5 – Vault Services Training

This part is about the stuff you’ll do for your clients, this is where you will be taught how to boost their leads, sales, and conversions.

They will teach you different marketing tricks like SEO, video marketing, and social media stuff.

Plus, they’ll introduce this tool which it will help you with reports and outsourcing, they call it Dashclicks.

Module 6 – Vault Sales Strategy Training

In the 6th module, this is where you’ll be taught about the basics, and the strategies used for selling your services to the clients, you’ll learn about the ins and outs, from understanding their needs to closing the deal and even retaining them as long-term customers.

Module 7 – Building Your Agency

You’ll learn about the basics of setting up or building your marketing agency.

You’ll be taught about setting routines, deciding on prices, expanding your services, and most importantly, getting the right tools.

This’ll be hard work but they’ll keep you motivated with stories and coaching from the course creators themselves.

Module 8 – DFY Value Ladder

You can consider this as an expansion pack of the value ladder concept from module four.

This is where James and Jason, the mentors, will walk you through various strategies that they use for their own value ladder.

Having a hard time crafting your own? Worry not, you’ll have access and you may copy the blueprint that they’ve built and tweak it a bit so it fits your own style.

Module 9 – Funnels Training

This module will teach you how to create your own sales funnel website, with ClickFunnels as the main tool.

Sales Funnel or so-called marketing funnel, shows the journey a customer takes before making a purchase.

Think of it like a funnel for a lot of people might be interested but only a few will end up buying. 

Module 10 – Funnel Automation

You will learn two things in this module. The first thing is about email autoresponders and how to use them and get leads.

Second, you’ll dive deep into Zapier, a tool that basically automates tasks by connecting different apps.

With this tool, you can link up your funnel website and autoresponder easily. This means things like getting notified when new leads come in, all with ease. 

Module 11 – Vault Software Training

In this part, participants will get to know some cool software tools from the Local Marketing Vault. They’re free for everyone, but you’ll learn them best if you join the Local Marketing Vault.

The tools? It’s HOWDE and TrueReview, HOWDE is basically a follow-up robot. It keeps on sending pings, or notifications on the leads until they answer, using texts, voicemails, or emails.

The TrueReview on the other hand is a tool that will get reviews easily. It flags bad ones so you can fix them and help you ask past clients for reviews. Pretty helpful right?

Module 12 – Facebook Ads Training

As the title says, in this module, you’ll be taught how to run Facebook Ads to get leads.

Getting Facebook Ad tips may be free from other sites, but this training will teach you some unique strategies that you won’t find elsewhere.

They have tested marketing plans for every niche you can think of. You’ll also learn about the “3v3 method”, which they say is an effective Launch Method you will learn the details once you’ve tried out Local Marketing Vault.

Module 13 – Facebook Messenger Chat Bot Training

This is where you’ll learn about using Facebook Messenger chatbots for marketing. You’ll get a scoop on ManyChat, a simple yet effective tool for building chatbots.

It really is a must-have for any chatbot campaign.

Module 14 – PPC Training

You may be wondering, what PPC means. It means Pay-per-click, and you’ll be taught about it here in this module.

You’ll also be taught about keyword research, which is basically finding the words people search for. Local Marketing Vault will break it down into three key areas

Knowing these keywords will help your website show up high in ranks on search engine results pages (SERP) when those words are researched.

And it saves you from wasting money on useless keywords for ads.

Module 15 – Campaign Review

Now you will have access to videos showing successful marketing campaigns by James, Jason, and their top students, here in this module.

Each video lasts about an hour and shows real examples you can learn from and use in your own marketing.

Module 16 – Weekly Q&A Calls

The founders of Local Marketing Vault, James and Jason hold live Q&A sessions where you can join anytime. If you missed any and want to catch up, you can always go and check this module.

Module 17 to 20 – Done  For You Campaigns

In Local Marketing Vault, the mentors will teach you how to start your own lead-generation business with cool marketing campaigns.

Don’t think you can make your own? Worry not for James and Jason have got some pre-made campaigns for their students to use.

These campaigns cover different areas, and they’re sorted into tiers, Lower tiers are easy to set up but might not make as much money.

On the other hand, Higher tiers could make more, but they need more work,

Module 21 – Tech Concierge

Consider this as your own help center within Local Marketing Vault. The support here is super friendly and is always ready to help you out whenever you run into a problem with your lead generation campaign.

Module 22 – Advanced Gold VIP  (Full Paid Members Only)

You’ll only have access to this module if you’re one of those who have paid the course fee in full.

You can consider this as the Holy Grail, as you can find stuff like advanced sales scripts, high-level funnels, and extra lead generation secrets.

This is one good reason to pay upfront because the content you’ll get in return is top-notch.

Module 23 – The 10k Club

You may be wondering, are there any special perks here in Local Marketing Vault? There will be, once you make $10,000 or more in sales each month with Local Marketing Vault, you’ll receive some awesome perks.

These perks are just for members who have achieved that $10k goal, and they can help you grow your business even further.

Module 24 – LMV Partnership Program

Lastly, in this Partnership program, members may team up with another member to grow their business together.

If you’re not good at something, your partner can help you, and vice versa! It’s also one way to strengthen your business friendship which can help both partners succeed even more.

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Final Thoughts

Getting out of the 9 to 5 matrix is one of the main goals why you’re searching for a side gig that could generate profit without doing much work.

And if I’m to recommend a program that could help you get out of that hell hole, I highly recommend Local Marketing Vault. Why?

Aside from the fact that the founders, James Bonadies and Jason McKim are credible enough to spread their knowledge and train others, the contents of Local Marketing Vault itself are already a win.

It comes with a price, yes. But in comparison to other programs, the value you’re about to receive for such a small price to pay is already worth the investment.

Every module is packed with details that will help you strengthen and grow the business you’re building. And with the Two Page Sites as a tool? Everything is made easier.

It helps with super-customized marketing to get more customers without diving into the crazy competitive areas.

On top of that, they’ve also got those easy-to-follow videos and a fun Facebook group where you can get advice from other business-minded people.

James and Jason have really outdone themselves, crafting these two effective models.

If you’re ready to try out what James and Jason have cooked, you can check and click the link below!

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