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James Bonadies has the thing that will hopefully help you earn money: two-page websites. Any business that markets itself online would probably have its own website or at least some presence on social media. A lot of people spend their time online and not a lot of them still go through the distinct yellow pages from decades ago. Businesses have to adapt to where prospective customers are. But getting actual people to patronize your business takes a lot of time to do.

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You may know James from the video above this very paragraph. It may seem weird to be writing about a review about a service provided by somebody who is probably a fixture of this website at this point. But when your entire premise is trying to dissect all the different marketing courses and programs, you will have to do this as fairly as possible. It’s still a little trippy though.

The video above actually explains the premise for Twopagesites pretty well. There are a few versions of this sales pitch available from him. But the most common one is the one I am currently featuring on this review. In the video, he refers to the two-page websites as a bridge to local businesses. That’s a key part to the entire premise of this strategy. You’re not really creating a website for your own. But you’re instead creating a website that will help you get leads of people who might be interested in those services. And giving them to the business that you partnered with.

If you keep watching the video, you will be shown screenshots of messages from people who’ve used this strategy. All of them are earning thousands of dollars a month in revenue. If you see stuff like that, you will obviously be enticed by the prospect of it. I mean, who wouldn’t want to earn that kind of money without having to actually create an actual website for it?

The thing about Twopagesites is that you have to schedule a phone call in order to get more information about it. The video that they feature on the website—you will need to input your e-mail address in order to view it, though—is a good teaser for the entire program. But you will need to call them in order to start using the tools that James features in the video.

For the most part, it does seem to work. James uses towing services or tree cutting services in New Jersey to emphasize his point. Like, there are a lot of smaller businesses that need help finding customers. But it really depends on where you’re living. If you’re from the United States, it’s easy to find businesses willing to collaborate with you for this. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. It works in some circumstances but it’s not applicable to everyone.

That’s the thing about Twopagesites. It’s really only applicable to places where there is a need to do that. Not all businesses in other countries have the kind money to pay you for those kinds of services. Since this kind of strategy works mainly online, it’s possible that you can do this for businesses that is miles away from you. But it’s probably better to do that with businesses near you.

Since there is no immediate way of knowing more about the business without calling them, it’s hard to say whether Twopagesites is a good idea or not. James has the proof to back up the success of it, but the lack of any other details upfront is hard for a lot of people to commit to. But since a lot of people have used the tools that James and his partners provide, you’re also competing with other people to get leads and stuff. Once a lot of people start using the same templates, it’s hard for it to be that effective.

Still, I appreciate that James has removed all the guess work it takes to build a successful digital marketing agency. It’s hard to learn a new skill and apply it immediately. You can see what mistakes you’ve made if ever. But people want to hit the ground running. And I can understand that. Any kind of venture will always require you to put in effort. While the tools are at your disposal, you should be willing to push yourself to work hard for the money.

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