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Tyrone The Flip Man claims that he can make investing in real estate that much more exciting, by showing you just how little money you need to begin flipping. In fact, he claims that it’s even possible to flip houses with just $100 in your pocket. As a result, the people who invested in real estate with his guidance, are well-compensated for their efforts, and are claimed to produce great returns. But is real estate flipping also going to work for you? Will listening to The Flip Man be worthwhile? Is his masterclass a good investment? All of this will be tacked on during this review.

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So what is wholesaling a property, anyway? Simply put, a real estate wholesaler is responsible for connecting real estate investors with excellent deals for real estate property. That is, you’re going to be responsible for scouting those undervalued properties, managing and buying them, and then finding some real estate investors who are willing to buy those properties for their investment. Usually, these investors would be more than happy to take those real estate properties off of your hard, preferably at a price that is lower than the current market value.

There are several advantages being presented that make real estate wholesaling much better than other business ideas. But they can easily be broken into just three things. First, there is no reason to buy inventory in vast quantities from a manufacturer. Just one purchase of a property is enough to make you earn a lot of money. Second, there is no reason to buy or rent warehouse space, store inventory, using a truck to cart inventory around is minimal, and there is no reason for employees to count, secure, and transport the inventory. I mean, why would you? The one thing that you’re going to sell is a house itself.

Third, there is no reason for insurance and employer taxes to cover all significant investments. The inventory is permanent. It doesn’t need to be transported anywhere, and there are no employees needed (though you may employ virtual assistants for scaling and automation), or even insurance to secure the financing is not required. All of these advantages may make wholesaling real estate quite an attractive business model to get into. However, there’s still a disadvantage. Professional real estate wholesaling usually requires thorough training in the valuation of properties, as well as marketing and selling. And, as a newbie, you may easily get lost when dealing with these.

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Enter Tyrone The Flip Man. While there’s no mention of his achievements with regard to real estate, you can easily tell that he’s very experienced in this business. Judging from his YouTube videos, he’s certainly had plenty of success when it comes to real estate flipping, and through his masterclass, he aims to teach you the means to succeed here. As an example, The Flip Man suggests that the values that a wholesaler needs to be profitable in business are the skills and time to locate those undervalued properties, manage and buy them, and market them to customers who have not heard about them otherwise.

The knowledgeable investors understand that a successful investment in real estate begins with the acquisition of less than the actual value. In other terms, once the closing table is ignored, there is some benefit. To do this, the task is to locate and control or purchase assets that are well below the actual price cost to satisfy the purchaser’s requirement and also have room in the center for benefit. The Flip Man understands this, and thus, he’ll assist you in finding the best deals for real estate. But more importantly, he’ll show you how you can flip houses even when you only have little to no capital for this.

So if you’re someone who is serious about learning how real estate wholesaling works, then give Tyrone The Flip Man a call for his masterclass. There’s no mention of how much this costs. To be fair, The Flip Man’s videos are quite informative, and you can definitely get a lot of real estate education from them. And some of the reviews about him on Bigger Pockets are mixed. So you may have some difficulty determining if he is legitimate or not. But for me, my suggestion is to just watch his youTube videos, since it’s going to contain everything that you need to learn in real estate wholesaling. As for his masterclass, it may not be that worth it anymore once you’ve watched most of his video.

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