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Attract Steady Clients Review (Tyson Zahner)

Tyson Zahner

Tyson Zahner of Attract Steady Clients asks right away whether you can land a high paying client in the next 48 hours. If your answer is anything other than a resounding yes, then he assumes that you’re using a selling method that is slow, unpredictable, uncontrollable, unreliable, and unscalable. Now what? Well, he’ll try to fix that sh*t up with his training. No more dabblers, tire kickers, and all the wrong people coming at ya… only high paying ones.

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Not gonna lie, this dude is too straightforward for his own good. Like, Tyson is not charismatic enough, at least for me, to admit that he only cares about people with lots of money. Y’know, those who are willing to throw their stacks for whatever high ticket offer he’s selling. Yeah, you might not want broke people around ya biz, but my goodness, can you tell ‘em to skedaddle nicely?

But no, the whole pitch he’s like “if I can’t make a lotta money off you, don’t waste my time no mo’ and GTFOH.” Word of advice for y’all, it’s okay to be picky, but try not to be a tactless POS like Tyson. His entitlement reeks of his past stint with MLMs, that’s for sure.

Setting aside his off-putting vibes, here’s what he has to say in the video that follows after coughing up deets on AtrractSteadyClients.com. First is how the old (and complicated) way of selling things doesn’t work anymore. He calls it the ascension model where they start with a free opt-in up to a cheap “low commitment” offer, then follow it up with lots of upsells.

It’s awful because one, it pisses people off (understandably so); and two, it attracts dabblers while it simultaneously repels high quality prospects that you’d want to work with. Dabblers will be dabblers while said prospects would be like nah man, that’s too cheap to be any good. Besides, even if you sold everything using the old way, the profit margin is just too little.

If the old way won’t cut it, then why not try his new way? Just one high ticket offer for $3k, $5k, $8k, or even $10k. He says not to worry if not everyone is willing to pay that. That’s the point, you don’t need everybody. A handful of high quality prospects with the hunger and means to pay for your offer is enough.

Obviously, the new way also calls for a new funnel. Have these three in order: A landing page, a short video to pitch your thang, and a means to book a call. Then, it’s time to close the sale.  Wait a damn minute, it’s actually the same sh*t he’s using to sell us Attract Steady Clients (cost around $3k, probably). A meta reference, I see. Also, the same ‘ol sh*t used by gurus to justify overpriced crap, I’ll tell you that. New way muh ass.

Anyway, he mentions how the short video and call would act as your gatekeeper. If people stay long enough to watch the video and book a call, then they must be serious. Whaddya mean just like me after watching your entire pitch and is now dead serious NOT to buy any of your sh*t? Alright, alright, I do know it’s not that. When he says serious, he means high paying clients.

Attract Steady Clients Review

It all boils down to his rule of one. One offer, one simple funnel, and one traffic source. For the traffic source, he recommends using YouTube ads for this. It makes your prospects much more likely to progress through your funnel, it immediately establishes rapport, and it just has the better targeting option. At least compared to the ban-happy Facebook whose ads targeting has been hit hard by the recent IOS updates.

Speaking of targeting option, YouTube, being owned by Google, made it simpler to target someone who’s been searching for exact phrases related to what you sell. Instead of being an interruption, you’ll likely come off as a solution to their problems. This is what he calls taking advantage of someone’s state of mind. How about that?

If you want to know more, you can book a call with Tyson. He’s like there’s nothing to lose here, and maybe everything to gain. I beg to disagree because dealing with his bitch ass is already a big f*cking L. Seriously, I’d rather have you answer that hotline bling by ya ex than call Tyson because I’m not going to recommend his Attract Steady Clients. Not worth the high ticket tag IMHO. Sorry, not sorry.

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