The Silva Ultramind System Review (Mindvalley)


The Silva Ultramind System is a course that shows how to access the so-called altered states of mind. It is presented by Mindvalley’s founder Vishen Lakhiani, a firm believer of Jose Silva’s The Silva Method book where this course is based upon. Vishen believes that once you’re able to gain control over these states, you’ll be able to “perform, evolve, and live at your peak.” Is this for real? Scroll below to the review for more info.

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From the program’s site, you’ll see that this Ultramind system is all about unlocking your mind’s full potential. In turn, you can manifest most of your goals, personal or professional alike, to come true. “Mind over matter,” as they usually say.

So, how to have this kind of powerful mind, then? Here comes the importance of the altered states of mind, the access and control of it specifically, that I mentioned earlier. Everyone is born with these states – but only few know the skill on how to access it at will. Lo and behold, The Silva Ultramind System is here to exactly teach you that skill. 

Meanwhile, the states are as follows: the Beta level, the Alpha level, the Theta level, and the Delta level. Just a side note, my OC mind can’t accept why they mentioned Beta first. Like c’mon, almost every sh*t I see has the term Alpha stamped on the first and default iteration. Be it software releases or the actual alphabet, Greek and English version alike. Whatever, onto the altered state’s description….

To start, Beta level is the default level of consciousness. When your eyes are wide open and every other senses are alert, your mind is in the Beta level state.

Meanwhile, Alpha level is described as the calm and receptive state. Your mind switches to this whenever you’re just chilling or drifting off (aka light sleep). This is the optimal state for learning, growth, and self-awareness.

Next is the Theta level, the state of meditation and deep sleep. This is best for introspection, self-hypnosis, and mind-body healing.

Finally, we have the Delta level which is considered as the deepest state of unconsciousness. A dreamless slumber and a blank mind is what they call this.

The program claims that you’ll want to always be in your Alpha and Theta levels. And you’ll have the skill to switch between the two at will through the program’s four-part training content of over 12 hours. The said parts are titled as follows: Your Ultramind Foundation, Knowing The Unknown, Attaining Your Soul Desire and Healing, and Channeling Your Ultramind Into Your Life.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be as you’re not supposed to finish it in one sitting. This ain’t a movie marathon nor a speedrun. Instead, you’ll watch bit by bit, around 15-20 minutes a day, for 28 days.

You’ll get the said training materials plus access to all the other programs of Mindvalley, live sessions, and community forum for a monthly payment of $79 or a yearly payment of $399. This comes with a 15-day money back guarantee aka cancel within 15 days and you’ll get your money back without questions asked.

The Silva Ultramind System Review

My thoughts on this course? First of all, I don’t like what it (lowkey) suggests. It’s like a less destructive version of Marisa Peer’s RTT. You can’t call your course based on scientific research just by throwing some pseudo-medical terms here and there.  Jose Silva himself discouraged testing the validity of his method, the core of this Ultramind System, so the promise that it is backed by “decades of rigorous study” is just BS. Nothing different than other courses on ESP and sixth sense.

I feel bad for firm believers too, whatever faith you have, for having to deal with these snake oil salesmen. Y’all don’t deserve to get dragged just because of courses that stain the reputation of anything “spiritual.” Just like The Silva Ultramind System, these courses are making it hard to distinguish which are good beliefs from bad aka blatant cash grab or lazy people bait.

If you want to get something going for your life, start learning skills you’re sure are for real. Instead of manifesting alone, do the actual grind and work your ass off. If you can’t start all this sh*t, then go visit your nearest psychiatrist and start working on improving your mental health. Much better to dabble on your happy hormones than your altered states of mind BS, TBH.

In conclusion, I don’t recommend Mindvalley’s The Silva Ultramind system program. I don’t think it’s the real deal especially if you’re looking at it as a way to achieve your biz goals. What you need for that is a program with a tangible business model, not something that sells nothing but placebo.

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