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Underground Ecom Reviews

Underground Ecom

Underground Ecom just had its first in-person event about a month ago. They were ecstatic about it, although I don’t know if the cocktails they had during the event had some influence on that feeling. Maybe, maybe not. But I’m pretty sure they enjoyed talking about email and sms marketing in 2022, the thang they’re supposedly experts with. Are they? Should you be looking forward to the next similar event just like them? Find out in my review below.

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Email marketing could be their forte, but they surely don’t know how to effectively show it. That’s what I thought after visiting their site. It’s not really that bare-bones with the video presentation and case studies, but it’s still lacking fosho. Sure, wise men might say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I’ll say a good copy is worth a thousand bucks or more.

Like seriously, once you get it right, a copy sells… by a lot. They could focus on presenting through videos all they want, but at least, complement it with an adequate copy. What they have right now ain’t it. You have copywriters for your email, let ‘em do their magic on your website too. And yeah, fill that bad boy with necessary info. For instance, a page dedicated to Underground Ecom’s team without anyone listed on it, not even their founder and CEO James Matthewman, is lowkey a bad look for them.

Although, don’t get me wrong, I think they’re more than capable of presenting their stuff via videos. It’s actually impressive how they’re able to answer two why’s, why choose email marketing and why choose them, in a video of less than three minutes. Concise and upbeat in one, fit for the approach and attention span influenced by Tiktok’s global surge. However, the info overload as a consequence of doing it that way is definitely overwhelming. That’s where a good copy can save the day and they don’t have one.

You might be wondering why the heck am I clinging too much on critiquing their copy. Two things, my friend. One, copywriting is just as important in email marketing and I want to see it on the site. Show, don’t tell, amirite? Saying that you’ll be able to “unleash the full power of email” in eCommerce is not enough. Second, there’s not much chit-chat about Underground Ecom outside their site, so I stopped looking left and right  and focused on what’s on my front: Underground Ecom’s site, duh!

Two things that could also help answer the question above on whether they’re actual experts or not. With what they said on their “why choose Underground Ecom” video like having worked with over 200 eCom brands, I’ll say they could be. Add to that is their nonstop hiring and scaling of operations that might indicate good business for them for the last four years. But the thing that’ll take me over the edge and make me finally say that they’re 100% the real deal, they whiffed badly, so there’s that.

Underground Ecom Reviews

Now what? Well, this just means that I’ll be not recommending Underground Ecom just yet. Call me boring, but I’d like to play it safe. For some of y’all who might love some adrenaline-packed action, I’m sorry, but that ain’t me. My advice for y’all would be leaving that YOLO behavior out on the business side of things. 

Not that I’m not taking any risks at all. In fact, taking risks is perfectly fine as long as it’s all calculated. However, in the case of Underground Ecom, it’s like taking a high-risk gamble rather than calculated. And if you end up in an unfavorable outcome aka Underground Ecom is far from being an email marketing expert, you’ll lose a lot financial-wise.

If you can lose lots of money here, then by how much, you might ask. Specifically, what’s the price of availing Underground Ecom’s service? Well, Underground Ecom’s service cost around $300 up to $2,000 a month. That pricey, the whole a$$ reason I’m not comfortable recommending them and their service just yet. Quite frankly, I rather look forward to how they’ll improve the copy on their website instead of their next live event. Whoops.

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