Why Unified Review (Dropshipping Drama)

Dropshipping Drama

Why Unified calls themselves as dropshipping redefined, number one dropshipping platform, and all that fancy schmancy labels. I mean, why wouldn’t they call themselves the best when they got The Washington Times, Entrepreneur, and other similar sites to write about their thang. Completely not paid by ‘em, what’s the meaning of ‘em “sponsored” tags anyway? Sarcasm aside, scroll down for my completely honest and unbiased review about Why Unified below.

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News flash, a self-proclaimed number one program ain’t number one at all… Not even close! Not-so-shocking, ain’t it? I mean, I kinda knew it when they annoyingly ask for emails just to view their plans and pricing. These sneaky f*ckers are really tryin’ to get their marketing spam in our inbox, and I don’t appreciate it.

Before I break down what I consider as dropshipping drama and reveal what made them bad [yes, they are bad], here are some of the bits you should know about them and their offers. First off, besides their flagship DFY dropshipping subscriptions Dropship Lite and Dropship Plus, they also offer cheaper ones in ads and funnel.

To add, Why Unified also claims on their bloody red [with a bit of black and white] website how they got everything needed to start dropshipping. Marketing plan, marketing dashboard, software and tools,account manager,all done for you. Everything included, they say, except maybe getting actual results.

My point is— and yes, here’s where the dropshipping drama starts— they’d actually make a dropshipping store for those who purchase their dropshipping sub, unlike Droperts, albeit awful and mere clones of what they already made for their past clients. Given that the store is awful, you’ll fail on making enough sales that’d put you in the green.

It’s either you only sell a few or sell nothing at all, and both are obviously not enough to cover the expense which includes their rather pricey subscription fee [considering the store they made would flop anyway]. To be exact, Why Unified’s Dropship Lite offer cost $689 monthly while their Dropship Plus cost $1,499.99 monthly.

You know what’s worse? Not only does the DFY store flop so badly, they [Why Unified] will also put the blame on literally everything, but themselves. Seriously, they’re really grasping at straws just to avoid accountability despite how obvious that the problem’s on them. I mean, no excuse for the store to be that bad when they keep on pushing their clients on spending more and more.

And yes, besides the subscription fee, the ad spend Why Unified suggests is goddamn huge too. A review mentions how they’re pushed to spending north of $5k— yes, more than five freakin’ k— for ads and tricking them to think that the store is meeting metrics that indicate a booming biz in the near future. Of course, it’s all cap. The sales they made are not even close to cover ad spend.

Doubt Why Unified is using all the money they requested on ads too. Big possibility that these sneaky liars are ad spend thieves too. Means most of your money that’s supposedly for ads goes straight to their pockets. The reason I say this is because of their notoriety with fraudulent charges. The type where cancelling the subscription is not enough as you really have to close your bank account for ‘em to stop stealing.

Why Unified Review

Buncha criminals, that’s what they really are. Don’t get fooled by the glowing reviews, it’s all planted by Why Unified themselves just like how they paid their way to get featured in blogs and news sites. Although, I must admit, if they didn’t blatantly copy-and-pasted these reviews on multiple sites, their planted reviews can really come off as genuine.

The way the said reviews address the usual pain points—-like slow ramp up and rude customer support— and excuse the complaints about it, just wow. Turns out, these sneaky, lying thieves are expert manipulators too. They’re really darn good at scamming people and I hate it… I hate their CEO Robert Nikic… I hate them.

Like geez, they could’ve just tried to be good with dropshipping, y’know. But nah, even the scammers know that dropshipping— more like deadshipping— ain’t it. Not the biz you’d want to get in unless your masochistic ass is up for an uphill battle. That being said, I won’t recommend Why Unified. Avoid this dropshipping drama, avoid the hassle, and just RUN!

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