Unleash The Power Within Virtual Review (Tony Robbins)

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins invites everyone to his personal transformation event called Unleash The Power Within (UPW) Virtual. According to him, it is designed to help people take control of their lives and achieve their lifelong dreams. “Your lifetime of success is waiting – buy a ticket now before it sells out,” he continues. What if your goal is to gain financial freedom? Will Tony’s virtual event help you in achieving it? Know the answer by reading the review below.

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Let’s get the ball rolling by introducing Tony Robbins first. A bestselling author, life coach, and renowned motivational speaker, Tony calls himself as the world’s number one authority on personal growth and business transformation.

As an author, he is known for self-help books like Awaken the Giant Within, Life Force, Money Master the Game, and an audiobook with the same name as the UPW event minus the word “virtual.”

As a speaker, he’s known for multi-day seminars with cult-like conversion rituals such as making the attendees walk barefoot over a strip of burning hot coals.

You don’t need to worry about this “fire-walking” and “trial-by-fire” shenanigans by Tony in UPW Virtual, though. As the name implies, the seminar is something you’ll watch and attend virtually. 

What’s the deal with this event, you might wonder? In Tony’s site, it is explained that the event is for people who are serious about their personal growth and making 2022 their best year. The main schtick is basically encapsulated in the event’s call to action phrase: “Get ready to unleash ALL your potential, ALL your energy, ALL your power….”

No, you’re not transforming into a super saiyan like Goku in Dragonball Z with all the unleashing the power chatter. Sad to say, being a person who can do a “Kamehameha” wave is not what you’ll become by attending Tony’s event. Instead, you’ll become a better person in terms of outlook in life. What Tony promises is he’ll eliminate the stress and feeling of being overwhelmed on you. You’ll also overcome the “what if’s” in your life, so you can do more and take action towards completing your life goals.

By purchasing UPW Bronze ticket at $445, you’ll get access to the 4-day virtual interactive UPW event plus an event materials box, 3 “Pre-Event Fast Track” sessions, access to a private Facebook community, and 25 meals donated to Feeding America on your behalf.

Meanwhile, purchasing a UPW Silver ticket at $745 will net you everything from the Bronze ticket plus a post-event personalized one-on-one strategy session, access to Tony’s Implementation Mastermind and Classic Personal Power program, and additional 25 meals for donation (50 meals in total).

Finally, you’ll get every perk from the Silver ticket by purchasing UPW Gold ticket at $1,195 plus a full year membership to Tony Robbins Inner Circle, access to The Ultimate Advantage: The Secret To An Extraordinary Life training, and additional 200 meals for donation (250 meals in total).

Unleash The Power Within Virtual Review

It’s not as expensive as other life coaching programs such as Tim Han’s Life Mastery Achievers. Still, I won’t recommend spending hundreds of dollars for similar courses and events. If you need some help with regards to your mental health, consult a psychiatrist instead. It’ll be better to have a therapy that is tailored based on a personal diagnosis compared to attending a general “catch-all” personal growth event.

To add, I’m not inclined to recommend this to anyone with the goal of achieving financial freedom through the event. What you need for that is not Tony’s event, but a program that will teach you a profitable business model. “Show, don’t tell.”

Besides, I don’t recommend paying any events linked with a shady individual like Tony. Aside from the problems with him in not issuing refunds (search Success Resources Australia 2020 event), he’s also notorious for numerous sexual harassment and staff mistreatment allegations. There’s no lawsuits involved to prove whether the latter allegations are real or not unlike his other problems involving copyright and franchise rules.

Tony’s actions seem to make it all real, though. For instance, he’s explicitly blurting out victim blaming tirades and racial slurs. And it’s all caught in 4k… or maybe just in a shitty 144p resolution as his racist comments are from the 80’s.

In conclusion, I don’t recommend Tony’s UPW Virtual event. Instead of paying for similar events like this, it’ll be a wiser choice to just buy a program or course with an actual business model.

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