Unleashed CEO System Review (Richard Shaull)

Richard Shaull

Richard Shaull believes that you don’t need to do everything as a CEO or become what he calls as Chief Everything Officer. You’re probably in that position right now, but you don’t want to since “it’s exhausting, it’s unfulfilling, and it’s challenging.” Good news is you don’t have to be like that, says Richard. All you need to do is sign up for his Unleashed CEO System program that I’ll review below.

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Aside from becoming the “unleashed” version of you, you’ll also gain your operations counterpart as promised in Unleashed CEO System. Most of the time, the missing link of you, the so-called visionary CEO and/or entrepreneur, is usually the said counterpart – the management focused Yin to your visionary Yang. That counterpart is coined as the “integrator” in an EOS book and Unleashed CEO System decided to use the term as well.

To understand this better, let’s look at the textbook definition of the integrator. Basically, the integrator is mainly focused on alleviating the daunting and draining tasks of day-to-day operations from the CEO. He/she complements the visionary CEO and also the one “who executes the business plan, holds the leadership team accountable, is the steady force in the organization, and who filters the visionary’s ideas.” The one you’ll call the glue guy/gal just like in ball games.

TBH, this integrator role reminds me of Ravi Abuvala’s Remote Integrator Academy. The integrator in the latter is somehow the low cost, usually underpaid and overseas VAs, version of Unleashed CEO’s integrator. The latter is more comparable to COO or General Manager in terms of role fancy schmancy-ness. But hey, they’re at least tied to the same goal of making the CEO ignore the noise and focus their energy on the better, bigger picture, things such as scaling the biz.

Simply put, the program is about hiring and training integrators through their proven six-month, four-step process, and setting them up for success. Job’s done for the Unleashed CEO System when there’s more time freedom for the CEO, less stress for the integrators, and clearer communication between the two.

Nothing bad with the premise per se, but they could have done a better job saying that it’s what they do. If I can reach out to Richard, I’ll definitely suggest avoiding talking in circles and complicating the supposedly simple things. Like I get it, you want to act cute and all, but I think your target population, the CEOs, would appreciate a more straightforward approach. Get me?

Anyhow, here’s an overview of the program’s four-step process. First, the vision refinement step ensures that the integrator to be hired is there to help the CEO and company reach the next level. Someone in it for the long-term and not just to fill the gaps of today. 

Next is the opportunity recruiting which pertains to how they’ll hire the perfect integrator, the peanut butter to the CEO’s jelly, for the company. They identify the right choice of individual for the role from either the company or company’s immediate network, their extensive Integrator database, or from the qualified pool who found the job from a traditional job posting.

Unleashed CEO System Review

Meanwhile, the third step named onboarding and delegating is basically what its name implies. Here, they’ll train the integrator with the basic (onboarding) stuff on your behalf. Take that basic training up a notch by discussing the five competencies required to a self-managing company, and you’re in the final step of the process named management mastery.

So, what’s the price of the Unleashed CEO System program, then? There’s no price listed in the site regarding the service fee you’ll pay upfront for the Unleashed CEO System program,  but my estimate is around $8,000. That is not including the expense for the six-month, four-step process of around $44,100 that is fortunately listed on the FAQ section.

Seeing the cost figures, I won’t really recommend the Unleashed CEO System program to businesses that are barely scraping by. Your company could qualify to work with them aka y’all earning around $50k a month or more, but the program’s fee (including the expense) is still too steep. Sure, hiring can be really THAT expensive given that the hiring cost of employees with lesser roles than the integrator, I’m talking the $8 per hour workers, can balloon up to $4,000. I’m just wary of paying that price for a hiring company like Richard’s without enough social proof to back up their talk.

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