Passive Income Unlocked Review

Passive Income Unlocked

Passive Income Unlocked has the keys to becoming your own boss… or so their tagline says. And apparently, it’s through building your very own niche websites. You might be thinking that building a website is too complicated, too overwhelming at first. Jeff and Ben, the dudes behind Passive Income Unlocked, claims that with their course, it doesn’t have to be [complicated]. Oh really? See my review below for my honest thoughts about it.

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Let’s start with what’s Passive Income Unlocked according to what’s coming out Jeff and Ben’s mouth. As Ben said himself. Passive Income Unlocked is built to have zero fluff and be easy-to-follow. A course for beginners, essentially. “Taking you step-by-step in the niche selection all the way through monetization,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Jeff mentions in a blog post that what pushes him and Ben to create the course is to help people figure this niche site thang with them rather than on their own. Jeff himself knows that going in blindly in starting this is just asking for lotta doubt and frustration in the future.

To him, that’s the reason why people fail in creating a profitable niche site— the doubt that creeps in from lack of guidance and feedback can stop ‘em from pushing through. Nikes be damned, but there’s no “just do it” here, only “just give up” when you don’t have a clear blueprint.

“That’s where a course can make a difference,” he states, “It gives you a step-by-step blueprint to follow that takes you from A to Z, making sure you check all the necessary boxes in the right order.” What course? Of course, their course!

Course-ception aside, I’m referring to their Passive Income Unlocked’s Protocol offer. Included here is over ten hours of “over-the-shoulder” videos with sections such as Choosing A Niche, Finding Topics Within Your Niche, Finding Keywords Within Topics, Naming Your Site, and more.

What stood out to me is the section about monetizing the niche website. Here, Jeff and Ben suggests three ways of doing such. It’s either using display ads, posting Amazon affiliate links, or selling digital products.

From the looks of it, their fave is using display ads. Jeff [yes, he talks more than big Ben afaik] claims that it’s the easiest way to make money once you start getting enough traffic on your site. It’s only a small amount per blog post, but it does add up eventually.

Posting Amazon affiliate links is simply getting commission whenever someone uses your link to buy Amazon stuff. Offer some stuff on your own, maybe an ebook or sum, then it’s selling digital products.

Anyways, the rest of what’s included in the course are as follows: Road map for building niche sites, access to a library of templates and checklists, and access to a private community forum.

The price of Passive Income Unlocked’s Protocol offer? Well, this Passive Income Unlocked offer would cost $150 annually or $90 bi-annually. Yup, it’s subscription-based without the option to pay for lifetime access. Yay or nay?

Well, in a space where updates are very frequent, a sub like this is not usually ideal in the long run. If you want to be in the know regarding ‘em niche sites meta, you either sub for too long you better bought something with lifetime access, or be on your own. But Jeff and Ben doesn’t want the latter, ‘member?

Regardless, I really don’t see display ads as the key to becoming your own boss. While there’s no lie with Jeff’s implication of display ads’ revenue getting better as you get more traffic, getting that very traffic is hard. Easier said than done.

Passive Income Unlocked Review

Not getting enough may mean not enough money to cover the cost of running your site. Worse, display ads themselves can hurt the traffic it needs to be profitable. It could range from being annoying ‘cause they’re irrelevant to your audience. That’s why these ads are inferior to search ads, anyways.

But then, it could also very alienating ‘cause it’s inappropriate and offensive. I’m talking about seeing a “hot singles in your area” ad on “dealing with husband’s very, very recent death” typa inappropriate [holup, does anyone handle grief that way?].

I ain’t a fan of Amazon affiliate links either ‘cause it gives too low of a commission to be consider a biz. That, and creating digital products are better suited for content creators and influencers. Passive income is indeed possible here, alright, but I rather skip it when I know better options to get an online income. Just me? I hope not.

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