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Digital Upline Review (Adam Chandler)

Adam Chandler

Adam Chandler mentions that he would help network marketers, affiliates, and direct sales professionals alike transition from “suckville” to “awesometown.” Simply put, anyone who listens and follows his advice are definitely, ahem, going places aka be successful in what they do. Stand out from the crowd, convert up to 5X more sales, build a thriving team faster than ever before, you name it. Learn more about him and his program in my Digital Upline review below.

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If you’re thinking about him recommending Facebook ads to do the trick, then you’re wrong. In fact, he calls it along with YouTube ads “dead as a disco” for selling. Aside from being costly, it’s just not effective for converting prospects to be a viable option at this point. Opposite of bang for the buck with the average cost per booked call, a metric he probably made up himself out of the usual CPM, is worth $150 for Facebook ads while it’s $250 or more for YouTube ads.

And so he asks, how about bringing that cost per booked call metric down to just $24? Not only that,  how about you not needing to trade time for money as well? He says that he can teach you how to achieve both and it’s by hiring an Appointment Setting Virtual Assistant or ASVA for short. According to him, ASVA can save anyone from drowning in their business while being cost-efficient overall. 

Lo and behold, here are the three primary ways, says Adam, an ASVA can help you and your biz. Number one, they can speed to results. Instead of you doing all the time consuming activities that lead to making a sale, they’ll do it for you in a quick and efficient manner. Y’know, the long game of sifting and sorting through prospects, inviting, exposing, qualifying, and following up. With ASVAs handling the said long game, you only need to swoop in when qualified prospects are already warm and know about your offer. That’s the short game for you, the point where you’re closing the deal.

Number two, they can improve your reps in terms of authority and positioning. A typical sales funnel might help you get a sale or two from your warm market , but they do nothing to position you as a leader and person of authority with the cold market. Bad position means zero trust, and zero trust means zero sales, zero team, and zero success in biz. You don’t want that which is why you better have ASVAs, an employee following you as their leader, so other people can perceive you as a leader as well.

Number three, they are usually the key to scale your biz. Again, you’ll be freed up from doing the time consuming tasks, so you can solely devote your time and energy on other important things like, well, scaling the biz. This is also how you can decrease the amount of time you spend on your biz while increasing sales, enrollments, and cash flow. Avoid burnout and losing that entrepreneurial fire in ya.

Digital Upline Review

So, basically, what Adam is suggesting is just outsource and hire VAs of some sort (ASVA is just VA). But you won’t do the hiring yourself because he’ll lose his business opportunity, duh! Instead, he’ll provide you with a trained ASVA, proven scripts for you and the ASVA, and five hundred leads a month at a price. The price of his Digital Upline offer? Well, Digital Upline would likely cost around $7,000 or more.

Unlike Unleashed CEO in which my only gripe is the steep cost and lack of social proof, I’m not willing at all to sign up for Adam’s Digital Upline offer. Never. Aside from it being designed for a MLM biz (he’s avoiding mentioning the term for a reason), it’s flat out too costly for hiring someone that’s probably of lesser importance than a COO (I’m referring to Unleashed CEO’s integrator role). 

I mean, Adam’s probably just gunning for overseas workers (that you can easily hire and train without Adam’s help) and severely underpaying ‘em anyway. That’s what I get on him mentioning Online Jobs dot PH as his source of ASVAs that accepts a measly $70 salary per month. $70 for a whole month of sales work! Might as well call ‘em your modern-day slave or something. I wish I’m just misunderstanding Adam because that’s really, really bad. And I hope you don’t do it too regardless, paying piss poor wages, along with participating in MLM.

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