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Usana Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

When it comes to network marketing or multi-level marketing companies, the health and wellness industry is probably where these types of companies flourish. I have probably said a variation of that sentence in a lot of my reviews. But there have been a lot of network/multi-level companies that I have reviewed that exist in that particular industry. Optavia and Healy were probably the most recent companies in that industry that I have reviewed. The products that they offer are innocuous enough. Optavia is known its meal replacement kits while Healy is known for its really expensive wearable that uses micro-frequencies to do stuff. I’m still unsure exactly what it does even now. For the most part, what really entices these people are the opportunity to earn money from selling those companies’ products.

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Usana Health Sciences was founded by immunologist and microbiologist Myron Wentz in 1992. It was spun off from this diagnostics testing company Gull Laboratories. There’s definitely been a theme among certain MLMs companies where their respective founders were working in a field that is sometimes related to the niche that their MLM companies are part of. Cara Brook, founder of Seint, was a beauty blogger who then decided to formulate her own line of cosmetics. Dr. Cevet Tuna, founder of Farmasi, founded a pharmaceutical company, sold that off, then founded a cosmetics company. Petter Morck, founder of Arbonne, was working in the skincare industry before he decided to go into direct selling. I guess Myron Wentz’s expertise in immunology and microbiology helped him in founding a company that mainly sells nutritional supplements.

Speaking of which, Usana’s main products are a line of different nutritional supplements, a line of skincare products, a line of meal replacement kits, and a line of personal hygiene products. So it seems like Usana’s whole deal is wellness inside and out. That seems like a decent thing to achieve. I don’t really get why networking marketing/multi-level marketing companies such as Usana never tried to provide their products through places where normally buy health and wellness products. You know, like a pharmacy. You have to find a sales associate or affiliate member if you ever want to try your products. But I guess it costs money to pay pharmacies to put their products on shelves.

It’s actually very hard to join Usana’s affiliate membership program directly from the company’s official website. When you click on the tab at the top that says “Share Usana,” it will redirect you to a page that’s about it’s affiliate program. It has a bunch of testimonials from its affiliate members, er sales associates, that are obviously very positive. But there’s nothing in that page that tells you how much an affiliate membership costs, what the compensation plan is like, and that shit. It’s not giving you anything that you want to know about the program. I had to search for it online and I managed to find a site that a sales associate may have made to recruit people to become a sales associate or a recurring customer. Apparently, it costs $9.95 to become an affiliate member.

Like with most multi-level marketing companies, you will have to purchase products in order to start earning commission. But you will also need to recruit at least two people and meet a certain sales volume in quota in order to be qualified to get compensated. That’s par for the course when it comes to multi-level marketing. Because of that, you have to spend a lot of time, money and effort in order to reach those quotas every month. You and your recruits have to be working hard in order to get commissions.

That’s the problem with a lot of MLMs, to be honest. There is no guarantee that you will actually earn money from selling their products. You have to keep track of everything you do so you know that you’ve reach the quota and what not. Most of the money is going to the people at the top. You’re basically just getting crumbs at this point. And it’s not even guaranteed that you’ll get crumbs. Because somebody higher than you has already sucked it clean. You’re left with nothing. And that really, really sucks. I can’t recommend that kind of experience to anyone.

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