Is USANA Legit?

What more can you ask if the product that you are using or will try to use was introduced and made by a world-renowned scientist who has many distinctions and rewards? All you have to do is trust in the product itself and believe that it will truly work, but that’s not the case everytime we’re talking about MLM companies. Because once and for all, these companies have only one catchphrase that they always use, “to help people live healthier and longer lives is our mission”.

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Usana is one of these MLM companies in the health and wellness niche, founded in 1992 by double Ph.D. scientist Dr. Myron Weltz, who specializes in immunology and microbiology. The making of the company name is a little amusing, it is said that it came from the Greek and Latin words that translates to “true(EU) health(SANA)”. With the knowledge of Dr. Weltz, they’ve achieved the true nature of the company.

They are now one of the leading companies in the health and wellness industry, and have claimed to be “The Cellular Nutrition Company” due to their pharmaceutical-grade nutritional and dietary products. The team is composed of scientists that are well dedicated in the concept of innovation and is thorough with continuous research in development in order to deliver and produce the best product possible for the benefit of humankind. The company is now being led by their CEO, Kevin Guest.

Their flagship product is the CellSentials pack. It contains Core Minerals and Vita Antioxidant. Basically, it is a product that is vital to our cellular health, which in a sense, is essential to our body, why? Because our body consists of millions of cells and lively and healthy cells are a proof of life to any human being. All of their products are backed by science (well, not in the case of their merchandise products, you silly).  

They offer a wide variety of nutritional and dietary supplements, skincare and personal care products, their own product merchandise, and even protein bars that give other people the opportunity to build their own business with USANA and make a living selling their product. Here comes the promises of financial freedom, you are your own boss, spend more time with those who matter the most and the likes.

It costs $29.95 to become one of USANA’s associates. They also offer Business packs for new associates so that they can start selling and earning as early as possible. The packs are as follows:

  • Basic Business Pack – $305
  • Entrepreneur Pack – $625
  • Professional Pack – $1250

You are not obliged to buy these expensive packs but you still need to buy at least 200 PV worth of products that roughly costs $240 to be able to qualify for commissions. 

Like any MLM companies out there, USANA offers retail commissions as the simplest way for associates to earn money. You are free to tag prices on USANA products that you sell but the company recommended to only increase the price up to 10%. In this way, customers will not get suspicious on the price since they’re already expensive to begin with. Another 20% commission is given on sales generated by your group (downline) and is paid weekly.

Their residual commissions are based on a binary compensation structure which is somewhat underwhelming since almost all companies that use the binary compensation plan only allow you to earn through your weaker leg. All you ever need to do is recruit more associates, encourage them (daily if you must) that they can make a sale and that can eventually allow you rank promotions, giving access to more incentives and bonuses.

In 2007, USANA faced up against 8 law firms concerning the right to represent stockholders in class-action suits. The one that triggers this is a former stock fraud guy named Barry Minkow, after he wrote an elaborate report alleging that USANA was a scam and operating as a pyramid scheme to earn profits. Their stock prices plunged from $65 down to $35 in a matter of months and that affected the company as a whole. All investigations were clear and USANA struck back at Minkow, suing him for defamation. 

USANA is a legit and well-respected publicly traded company. As for earning in this kind of setup, there is a higher probability of losing money than profiting from it. You need to fork 100 PV worth of products just to stay active and make it double just to be able to be qualified for their commissions. You might be losing more money than what you think. It’s better if you just make your own little business which has more chances of success than investing in such companies.

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