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VA Bootcamp Annalisa Abell

VA Bootcamp’s Annalisa Abell is a virtual assistant coach that promises four, five figures a month income for aspiring VAs. Y’know, make money just like Annalisa ’cause she’s a VA herself back then. She started her VA journey earning a grand in her first thirty days before coaching and running her own six-figure VA agency in Elevated Assist. She mentions, “The market for Virtual Assistants is HUGE! Tap into this market and make money fast.” Should you? I’ll give you my two cents below.

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Of course, the thoughts I’ll share with y’all also includes what I think of VA Bootcamp, listed as The Ultimate Virtual Assistant Bootcamp in Annalisa’s website. I mean, I won’t call this piece a review for nothin’. That’s what probably brought you here, anyways.

So, yeah, first of all, what’s up with VA Bootcamp? According to what Annalisa has listed on her site, VA Bootcamp is a three-day program that’ll reveal how to start your own VA biz. If she’s talking ’bout building an agency, sure, I don’t have problems calling that a biz.  Can’t say the same if what she’s trying to say is building a biz by becoming a VA yourself.

Look, I do know how VAs can have better experience than typical 9-5ers. They got more flexible schedules, can work wherever, is free from the hell of commute, among other things. But I still see it as a remote freelancing job rather than a biz. They’re not really their own boss, it’s their clients that take that role. I said what I said.

Anyways, here are the topics covered by VA Bootcamp’s course materials: Understanding what it means to be a VA; choosing a niche; evaluating your performance, and managing your time and productivity; understanding how to market your service and create your online presence; getting clients and completing their consultations; and managing contracts, payments, and invoicing.

You’ll learn what I listed above primarily through ten hours of video training. It was said to be self-paced despite the “three-day program’ label earlier. Also, besides the video training, signing up for VA Bootcamp will give you access to weekly job opportunities, a VA community, and templates for contract and scripting.

The cost of this VA Bootcamp’s package is initially listed as $997, but the actual price on the sales page is $197. No such errors with the price listings of the pro package, though. The latter comes with one-on-one coaching calls with Annalisa, and cost four monthly payments of $270 [listed initially as $1079 in total… it’s one dollar off, but hey, Imma let it slide].

First off, Annalisa better fix her price listings ASAP. Like, okay, I’m aware that the price drop before is only possible by using a coupon code. Still, it’s not an excuse not to properly update the figures on her site. Nuh-uh, she can’t get away with the lack of attention to detail… Not on my watch!

But seriously, she’s doing herself dirty. That high price can easily turn off anyone, not just me. While I’m not really keen on recommending VA Bootcamp’s video training due to its ppt style lectures and shallow content, I can still see its worth for providing learning convenience for aspiring VAs at an affordable price… at $197, not $997. Just flex the correct figure, girl!

VA Bootcamp Review

Regardless, I ain’t recommending being a VA as a business. Again, I really don’t see it as a biz, more like a freelancing job. Could be convenient for those who doesn’t want to be confined in an office, but then, what’s the point if you’re still not earning enough to NOT be stuck in your home?

The point is, I don’t think you’ll earn well here given that clients prioritize VAs from Asian countries. The option to tap in that region for workers just drives the salary range down for everyone. While you may earn more as a VA in the US than your Asian counterparts, the salary is still not good enough. Far from being a lucrative “biz”.

Bet you’ll also have a hard time getting clients. Because y’know, like I’ve mentioned above,  clients prioritize those from Asian countries. Can’t beat the prospect of desperate VAs who’ll be fine with piss poor wages unfortunately. That said, being a VA is not my cuppa tea, and so are courses encouraging y’all how to be one like VA Bootcamp.

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