Valuetainment University Review (Patrick Bet-David)

Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David is a serial entrepreneur behind Valuetainment University. Not to be confused with universities like UCLA as dude is not impressed with that sh*t. Heck, saying that he’s not impressed might still be an understatement. Why, he’s been calling out traditional education systems for years, saying it’s  dead, it’s done, or worse, it’s the “biggest scam in America.” Big words from a MLMer himself. I’ll tell ya more about him down below.

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Y’all should know by now that MLMs ain’t it. Not a goldmine as MLMers promise… heck, it’s not even decent enough to make a living out of it. To put it into perspective, the majority of peeps roped into MLMs are not even getting close to what Mcdonald’s employees are earning on the average. Don’t believe me? Check out their income disclosure and you’ll get my point.

Unless you’re part of the top 1%, you’re not getting any ROI. You’ll spend more and more on upgrading membership tiers and levels, while usually getting little to zero in return. Don’t be fooled when they say it’s one hell of a money making opportunity. More likely than not, it’s a money losing opportunity instead.

And even if you’re somehow making money in MLM, are you fine with breaking your back in grinding referrals (assuming you’re not a big shot like Patrick here) while lying at the same time? I’m dead serious when I say you’ll only prosper here at the expense of others. It’s like selling your soul to the devil. Are ya really okay with that? I hope not.

Now, the reason I’m saying this is my attempt to make you consider your view on Patrick and his Valuetainment University offer. He’s the living, breathing example of a half-truth guy. Gotta give him props on how he got his marketing spot on, but I ain’t recommending his paid stuff and MLM. Over my dead body.

He’s a good speaker [so is Anthony Morrison, keep that in mind], he’s charismatic, and he provides some value with his Valuetainment YouTube content. He’s even getting interviews with celebrities and well-respected public figures. But then, all that goodwill is only made to sell PHP, his sh*tty MLM disguised as an insurance company.

You probably don’t know ’bout his sh*t as dude’s not really saying much about PHP [which, ironically, stands for People Helping People]. His sneaky ass is tryin’ to yeet it off the radar while he kept milking the high profile interviews I mentioned above as if the interviewees there directly praised PHP [they didn’t].

And even if they did, you shouldn’t take their recommendation seriously without doing your research first as most celebs will shill literally anything for money. Heck, even peeps with likely no bad intentions can mess up with their promotions whenever they don’t stay in their lane. See: Tom Brady and Stephen Curry as endorsers of FTX.

And to be honest, I’m not really all that okay with his takes knowing his biz. Like, the audacity of him to call college a scam when he’s a MLMer? Attending college is hella expensive here in the States, that’s a fact, but saying they’re scam and useless? I’ll say, he better reserve that drag on his MLM. 

First of all, college isn’t all about memorizing like he claims. If that’s the case somehow, it’s a specific college problem, and not a fault by the entire education system. Dude’s saying he’s not anti-learning, yet he’s spreading lies to discourage the most proven way of educating yourself. TBH, this shouldn’t be a problem if he shut his big mouth after saying attending college is too pricey.

Valuetainment University Review

Also, imagine a world without doctors, scientists, and engineers. You don’t wanna, and that’s exactly my point. Those careers may not be the most lucrative path if we compare it to being a successful entrepreneur, but they have a huge role in making our society function. Obviously, these professionals are products of traditional colleges and universities.

Him subtly implying that cheaper courses like his Valuetainment University course (price is $99 a month) can supplement these “scam” colleges is just wrong. Bet Patrick won’t let himself be under the scalpel of someone who just learned medicine from Udemy courses. Who’s with me?

In conclusion, here’s the deal: I’m not hating all money-making courses, only his since it’s end goal is likely to usher you towards joining PHP. No sh*t, I’m not trusting him to teach you well in advanced business strategy, sales systems, and public speaking. Not when his business model is that wack.

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