Ecom Freedom Review (Dan Vas)

Dan Vas

Dan Vas saw the lack of high quality training on everything eCommerce like Amazon FBA and dropshipping in 2017. His response? Create an Amazon FBA training himself in Ecom Freedom. And no, I didn’t leave out the term “high quality” for nothing. Quite frankly, Ecom Freedom doesn’t deserve such a label. If it’s not the best, is it, at least, a decent Amazon FBA program? The answer to that is in my review down below.

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But before we make the big reveal on whether it’s decent or not, let’s talk about what you’ll get here first, specifically the Ecom Freedom’s Amazon FBA offer. To start, you’ll get 100+ hours of HD step-by-step training videos. Ah yes, the flex of having videos in HD. It seems like Dan hasn’t moved on from the blurry pixels-that-you-can-count-by-hand 3gp era. Or maybe, dude’s too lazy to update it to a more apt and more flex-worthy label. Maybe a combination of both.

Moving on (unlike Dan, probably),  you’ll also get mentorship here… Well, that’s how Dan advertises it anyway. A regular, albeit sh*tty and usually unhelpful chat support is labeled “Unlimited Mentorship with 7 Figure Sellers” in the PR stuff. On the other hand, the live Q and A session with Dan and the mentioned “7 Figure Sellers”is passed off as the program’s one-on-one coaching. Like hello, how can it be one-on-one when it’s actually one is to a hundred, maybe even thousands. Make it make sense.

Bootloads of BS already, but there’s more. See Dan’s promise of a complete all-in-one course boxset for traditional pen-and-paper learning? Turns out, they’re not even done with it yet. They didn’t mention how it’s still a work in progress, but pretend it’s all done and dusted to trick some people into buying their program. Deception on purpose since they’re marketing something that needs “working out some final kinks for the release” as a complete and fully functional feature when it’s not.

The rest of the inclusion are as follows: Lifetime Access to program’s Facebook community and bonus training materials in Ecom Freedom MBA – A Complete Entrepreneur Education and Dan Vas Millionaire Mindset Secrets Course. Don’t get fooled by the title and its value as listed by Dan. More likely than not, it’s no better than a $20 Udemy course like the core training. The price of all of Ecom Freedom’s? Well, Ecom Freedom costs $1,497.

First of all, Ecom Freedom is way overpriced IMO. Collecting info into a one cohesive and organized course may sure cost something, but definitely not $1,497. The info itself is not that valuable to start with. It’s either free info from the net or straight up bad advice. Like I said, a cheaper Udemy course is so much better than this which says a lot.

Two, Ecom Freedom is falsely advertised. By no means the “mentorship” included within the program is a form of acceptable mentorship to many.  No, it’s not. Heck, the mentors are more likely not even Amazon sellers too, let alone an actual “7 Figure Sellers”, but random unfortunate 9-5ers who got sucked into putting hours under a toxic, manic, and unstable micromanaging management of Dan’s, then not getting paid for it.

Ecom Freedom Review

A double whammy here, he’s bullsh*tting to both his students and his employees at the same time. A review meant to be a warning to job seekers, something that mentions Dan never intending to uphold the agreement, goes both ways fosho. And of course, besides the problematic mentorship, the coursebox shenanigan I mentioned earlier was terrible as well. This sh*t over promises yet under delivers as any programs shouldn’t.

Once you realize all the BS and try to ask for a refund, he’ll be hell bent to prevent you from getting that money back. No joke, he’s a nightmare to deal with when dude knows you’re finally realized that there’s something wrong with his course. You’ll get blocked, you’ll get silenced, and you’ll get insulted. The audacity of this dude to act like a c*nt when he himself is the one deserving of all the insults regarding his sh*tty program.

In summary, I see nothing but red flags all over Ecom Freedom. And I don’t see any kind of redemption arc here anytime soon as the dude is acting guilty as charged too. Not even addressing the allegations head-on, his response is more like a thief in the night. Going lie-low on social media until the allegation is forgotten and sending out fake DMCA complaints to sites with reviews that won’t let the internet forget otherwise. Definitely not a decent Amazon FBA program and something I won’t recommend buying. I rest my case.

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