Luke Van Der Veer Reviews

Luke Van Der Veer

Luke Van Der Veer is the founder of Website Rental Coaching, a program that provides training on “rank and rent” lead gen. He claims that the said business model is how he builds a passive six-figure monthly income. When he says passive, he means only putting a few hours of work at the start for building and ranking the sites, then sitting back once it’s all set up and done. Curious to know more about Luke and his biz? Scroll below.

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Like most gurus in the coaching space, Luke didn’t start out as a business owner slash rank and rent coach. Growing up in a middle-class family, he’s able to push through college, and secure what a lotta peeps might consider as a prestigious management job at GE.

It’s a good learning experience, but it only takes a little while for him to realize that this 9-5 grind is not the lifestyle he wants for himself. He doesn’t want to be like his coworkers who were not able to check out any of their bucket list items because of work.

“Inadvertently, I had joined the corporate rat race,” Luke says, “The environment that was initially energizing was now draining me mentally and physically.” He’s scared of the future where he has to put in over forty hours of work every week until he’s 65 just to have enough money.

He’s scared since he believes that everyone shouldn’t be waiting for retirement just to enjoy the good things in life. One must be able to do the latter while they’re still young, like how everyone should be able to travel as they please and spend time as they see fit. In other words, he thinks that everyone deserves financial and time freedom.

The realization that he was in control of his future eventually lit his entrepreneurial fire. He tried countless business opportunities like MLM, Amazon FBA, and Facebook marketing. But it always comes short as none provided him with both time and money, it’s always one or the other.

But then, he found out about rank and rent lead gen that provides both. Citing his consistency, he says that the biz allowed him to quit his 9-5 in just six months of doing it. Six years later, he’s also able to become a coach that teaches this rank and rent thing to others, so they can quit their jobs too.

With that said, rank and rent lead generation is essentially building high-ranking websites that generate, guess what, lotta leads. He then rents these websites to (usually local) business owners or anyone who can take advantage of the leads and being on top of Google searches. This is what they usually refer to as being a landlord in a digital real estate.

I’ll tell you, seeing the dude show the backend of his high-ranking websites in his pitch is quite surprising. I don’t know, lots of gurus, at least the ones I usually review here, have an extreme aversion to dropping links for proof. Like, can’t expect us to believe y’all ridiculous claims without sharing the damn sauce. What they say, show, don’t tell.

Here, dude reveals it all right away. Unless he has all that fabricated somehow, I think it’s safe to say that Luke is running a rank and rent lead gen biz himself rather than just teaching it in Website Rental Coaching. He really walks the talk.

Luke Van Der Veer Reviews

And that’s ideal since you don’t want to pay him, or any other gurus really, around $4,000 or more (presumably the price of Luke’s Website Rental Coaching) for a training about a business model they don’t do themselves… That the money is only on selling the idea of making money all along.

To end this review, I’ll say that Luke and his business model is definitely legit. Although the lack of social proof to show that his students get results is making me wary of recommending his program. Not going to point people towards him until he gets ‘em solid testimonials and reviews. There are alternatives, y’know.

In addition, the business model being legit doesn’t mean it’s as easy as one, two, three, set up, and be done with thee. Not with his suggestion of not using any paid means to improve a website’s SEO. He says a few hours is only needed here, but I gotta disagree. The more realistic estimate would be months, maybe even a year or two to rank a website to the top that way (been there, done that). Can’t have it all if you’re not willing to spend some, just sayin’.

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