Velovita Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

The health and wellness industry has been a hotbed for a lot of multi-level or network marketing schemes. I don’t really know why exactly this particular industry seems to attract those kinds of schemes. Nutritional supplements and beauty products just seem like they sell very easily. While the effects of these products are entirely unproven, it seems that people value health and beauty a lot. So it’s no surprise that companies entice people to sell their products in order to earn money. I mean, who wouldn’t want to help people be at their best while also earning money from it?

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Velovita’s founders have had some experience in the world of network marketing. Kosta Gara, who serves as the company’s CEO, previously served as the chief executive advisor for health supplement company iGaren. Jeff Mack, who serves as the company’s president, was previously the CEO of Vidacup, a company that sells coffee through an MLM format. Both of those companies have since stopped operating.

Velovita came to be known for its flaghsip product brān. (In case you’re wondering how to read it, it’s pronounced brain, by the way.) It’s a supplement—maybe energy drink?—that you drink straight up from the pouch that supposedly helps improve brain function. It mainly contains caffeine, which makes sense. And it has three flavors: chocolate mint, lemon drop and caramel macchiato. They also have three different products meant for sleeping, losing weight and the like, All three of them also have names that are complicated to write. But the pronunciation of those names are just the same as very normal words.

A lot of network marketing schemes, especially health and wellness ones, pretty much start the same way. You sign up for an affiliate membership and pay the corresponding fees, in this case it’s a monthly fee worth $49.95. You will also need to purchase packs of the products that you intend to sell to people. The amount of money you’re willing to put into the company impacts your potential to earn income.

Most compensation plans in multi-level marketing schemes require you to recruit a certain number of people to join as affiliates and maintain a certain amount of retail customers in order to qualify for commissions. The compensation is done through a binary-level structure where you have two people in the level under you and they both have two people under them and so on. You get a percentage of the commissions for every level. Obviously, you get a lot more from the people that you personally recruited.

A lot of multi-level marketing schemes involve a constant stream of money going into the company in order for the affiliate members to earn from it. Because you do sell products, it might be a bit easier to maintain. But it will take a lot of time and a lot of money for people to actually earn money from being part of these schemes. If you think it would only take you a few months to earn money from MLMs, that’s not really the case.

Almost everyone who gets into multi-level marketing schemes tend to lose money during the time that they’re part of it. You actually have a better chance earning money through your own business than through MLMs. 27% of the people who join MLMs don’t actually make money from it. Half of the people who join these schemes tend to quit from it within the year. There’s so much risk into joining MLMs. You are putting all of your own money into it, hoping that you will get that money back and then some. And I’m not really sure it’s actually worth all that trouble for something you don’t even know will be fruitful.

Even though there aren’t really that many problems that face Velovita, joining multi-level marketing companies like it isn’t really the best place to put your money into. I can’t even imagine how much of a strain it will be to your relationships with friends and family. Obviously, those people are the first ones that you will try to entice into become an affiliate. A lot of them probably won’t support your endeavor. When you get into MLM mode, you will tend to be a different person than the one most people know you to be.

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