Online Vending Machines For Passive Income?

Online Vending Machines

Online Vending Machines are not your ordinary vending machines. You don’t need to do costly maintenance and repair jobs on it unlike its offline counterpart nor restock it with physical products every so often. Still, it’s the best way to earn passive income, or so Bones Rodriguez says. Wanna know what’s the deal with Online Vending Machines? Is it really a profitable business model on autopilot? Read my review below for the answer.

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Bones of Solopreneur School dot com started his presentation on the so-called Online Vending Machines by saying they’re not doing a typical day job in between their acting gigs (yes, he and his wifey are actors). Instead, they make extra money out of their online business – one of them is the said Online Vending Machines. According to him, “they sell stuff to people who want that stuff” just like any businesses would. But no, this isn’t the usual Amazon FBA nor dropshipping endeavor. 

“To make it simple, I often relate it to owning a vending machine as most people get that,” Bones mentions. “With a vending machine, you have to set it up, make sure that hungry people are passing by it, and when the machine sells stuff to people who want it, you make money,” he continues.

“So, other people made the machine, other people made the candy, but you own the whole system,” he says, “so when people buy, now you make money from the sales your system makes.” And you can do the same online, says Bones. Get yourself a website that someone else created, sell digital products that you didn’t make yourself, and make money from each sale because you bought the system. After taking too much time talking in circles, it gets clear that Bones’ offer is the same ‘ol affiliate marketing.

Not gonna lie, the disappointment after the reveal of the business model hit me like a truck. The situation where I’ll say “I too was hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray” unironically. I’m expecting a one-of-a-kind opportunity that’s fresh and never been done before. And don’t get me started with Bones unnecessary hyping the thang. “It works 24 hours a day, because the internet never sleeps – even if you do,” my ass. Don’t get me wrong, the said statement is technically true, but lowkey misleading.

Landing pages for affiliate marketing is usually a one-and-done setup, that’s for sure. Set it up once and it’s good to go. However, it doesn’t mean that sales will automatically come your way too (on autopilot) once your affiliate page is up and running. It’ll never work that way and definitely wouldn’t be comparable to a “leaky faucet of cash.”

Online Vending Machines For Passive Income?

There’s a lot of things you need to consider and throw cash in to make this work. Aside from paying the price of Bones’ Online Vending Machines course to essentially get permission to sell his courses, you also need to pay for the website where you’ll put your affiliate links. This includes, at the very least, paying for a website domain at $10-$25 a year and website hosting at $15-$79 monthly. You’ll also need to shoulder the cost of an email autoresponder at around $15 a month. Most importantly, you also need to pay for ads, that’ll cost you tons of money, to direct traffic to your site.

“You only need to direct traffic to your website and that’s it,” he says as if it’s the easiest thing to do. It isn’t. Learning how to do it isn’t even included in the Online Vending Machine course, it’s either you pay someone to do it for ya’ or learn it yourself by buying a marketing course from, guess who, Bones himself. And not just that, Bones explicitly mentioned that you better buy all the “upgrades” which probably include his pricey mentorship offer at $500 per hour. Simply put, you gotta pick your poison – you either outsource or buy a pricey upsell. Just another pile of expenses added on top of already crazy spending upfront.

The worst part? You’ll just sell Online Vending Machines itself and other (crappy) courses of Bones. They’re dirt cheap at around $7-$97, but I don’t think they’re close to a mass produced product in terms of being sellable. Imagine spending thousands of dollars just to get $24 per sale (this is already a very optimistic estimate, BTW), and that is if you’re able to sell any at all. To hell with this, I’ll obviously not recommend Bones Rodriguez’s Online Vending Machines program.

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