Higher Path Ventures Review (Luke Sample)

Luke Sample

Luke Sample starts his introductory webinar with a big bold promise – he promises that the methods taught in his Higher Path Ventures program are the absolute best to make a lot of money online. He also asserts that the business that incorporates the said methods does not require any tech expertise nor too much time and capital investment.  In his own words, “there is nothing you will ever going to see that will come close to this, period.”

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Higher Path Ventures is a program founded by Luke Sample in 2016 that takes advantage of book arbitrage, Amazon Prime eligibility, and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) model. Basically, you start as a seller in Amazon, search for low-priced books that are still relevant and marketable, turn them into a Prime-eligible product and sell for a higher price, and profit off the difference.

To start, the program introduces you to a training course where you are instructed on how to setup your Amazon store. Other relevant lessons are also included such as how to boost sales via free shipping offer, how to take advantage of Amazon Prime feature, how to conduct product and keyword research, how to utilize Amazon sales rank and Trade-in program, and how to use other platforms besides Amazon to find even more low-priced books. There is also a software included to simplify the book search.

If you are worried about logistics, the program also offers a service where they will receive and inspect your product, repackage them, and ship them to Amazon on your behalf for $2 per book. This outsourcing offer is a very good inclusion since it eliminates the need of setting up your own quality assurance team or doing the inspection and packing yourself.

There is a promise for businesses that sells books. Statistics shows that the book industry is healthier than ever, a total of 825.75 million books have been sold in 2021 with recorded year-over-year growth of 8.9%. To add, the biggest sales last year are during holiday seasons which signifies books still being one of the most favorite holiday gifts. The 2022 forecast is still in favor of the book industry so selling books (and in turn, book arbitrage) can really be a profitable business model.

However, the fee to join the program to learn about the model is very expensive. For the training course and software, you are required to pay $3,000 once then a monthly subscription fee of $297. You heard it right, a payment of $3000 is not enough to have a lifetime access to the program. Worst, there are numerous feedbacks on the course mentioning additional upsells too.

FBA is also an extremely saturated market. You might have the knowledge from the program to find cheap books effectively to potentially sell them at a higher price, but you will still struggle on making consistent sales since hundreds of sellers are also selling the same product. Advertising is also very essential for succeeding in FBA. The program, despite its very expensive cost, does not include any lessons for that which is a red flag.

Higher Path Ventures Review

It is also advisable to proceed with caution with programs that had reputation problems in the past like Higher Path Ventures. There is a reason (and usually a bad one) they have undergone numerous rebranding from Textbook Money, Book Arbitrage, and Book Profits.  Allegedly, the software for searching low-priced books under the past version of Higher Path Ventures is not working at all so they are unsurprisingly bombarded by very critical reviews. Almost a 100% chance that it is true with the inclusion of a weird clause their terms and conditions that states the following: it is not guaranteed for their software to work. Very defensive, right?

In conclusion, book arbitrage is a very legitimate business model to make money online. However, it is not recommended to learn the ins- and- outs through a costly program with bad reputation in the past like Higher Path Ventures. Besides their outsourcing offer, there is nothing in their program that is highly commendable. There is also skepticism on its choice of using a highly saturated market in FBA since they do not offer any advertising schemes required to gain traction on it.

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