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VestRight Review (Cody Bjugan, David Hill)

When we’re talking about real estate, what comes to mind first are those established properties, abandoned buildings, houses, apartments up for sale etc. VestRight is a company that believes that real estate is not all about just those things, but the most uncommon or unheard part of it is by buying and selling an undeveloped property – a land to be exact. How to make profit with this uncommon type of niche? You can find out in my VestRight review below.

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Cody Bjugan is a seasoned land developer and homebuilder for more than 2 decades. Together with David Hill, they established VestRight in 2019, which is an educational and coaching company with a goal to make people realize the value and demand for buying raw lands with development potential and selling them to prospective buyers. He established the company with his mission for PIF, which stands for Purpose, Impact and Fulfillment.

They first developed a 5-step game plan to earn big returns in real estate. They claim it to have a safer, more secure and recession-proof way of earning in this kind of niche. It’s not like they wanted to diss the fix and flip industry of real estate marketing, but they’re way of doing things is much more different than the “known” way. You get me? They always say that if you’re into fast cash return, then their program is not the right one for you.

Land Deals Revealed is their mentoring program where they teach you how to get involved in the residential land development space, earning a big sum of five to seven figures of returns without the high risk of purchasing a big mass of land and owning a million dollar subdivision construction loan. You’ll be in a sh*thole if you do that. So first they teach how to smartly choose a land that, in time, will have a greater value than what you paid for after you sell it.

The cost of the mentoring program is not as cheap as you think, and VestRight acknowledges that. They first tell you to fill up an application then later be scheduled for a phone call with one of their representatives. It will be $9,000 if you decide to join immediately over the phone, but if you decide to think it over and join at a later date, the cost will come up to $16,000. There’s still no explanation about the $7,000 markup when joining late as per writing this review.

There’s a substitute for this mentoring program and they call it the Land Acquisition Academy. It’s like a school, but self-study. It teaches everything with the same course material of Land Deals Revealed, but you will not be mentored. It is a 4-day funnel course instead and it costs $1995. It starts with 3 days full of training videos and you will have to attend a webinar on the 4th day where Cody talks about things they do in real estate marketing etc.

If you believe the two lads when they say that finding apartment complexes, abandoned buildings and houses and do fix and flip and more are much harder than acquiring and selling an undeveloped land, then I beg to differ. Land is much harder to handle than those established properties. You need to sign a contract then begin the 90-day due diligence process. After that, there are still a lot of processes to complete after you turn over the land to the buyer.

At least they’re honest when they say that this program is not for you if you’re aiming to gain fast cash returns. That’s why these land deals pay a hefty amount of money, because it will take half a year, maybe even one to two years before you have your paycheck. So if you’re gunning to be part of this industry, you might as well get yourself a financial advisor, no kidding, just to be safe.

Their mission is quite smart, but this type of niche is not for your average person. One who can be part of this industry is a person who has money to juggle on any kind of business he wants to be in, not for people who are in their last cash and decided to dive into it. Maybe that’s why these land deals are not that common, but the market competition sure is low. I might be starving if I started to venture into this type of niche even before I get my paycheck, I don’t know about you.

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