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Beyond The Banks Academy Review (Jodi Vetterl)

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Jodi Vetterl was able to secure an early retirement in her forties, after working for 20 years in a company that “sells high-tech software.” She was able to do this because she invested passively in the real estate market. She did this because she realized that her bank investments aren’t really growing as much as she hoped (almost nothing, actually), so she sought out other investments that not only provide greater growth, but are also easier to manage. And this is where she discovered private lending, a method that she claims is the easiest, least time-consuming way to build wealth and earn passive income. But is it true? Let’s find out in this review.

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According to Jodi, 30 minutes a month is all you need to see annual returns of 10% to 20%, if you use this business model. In fact, it’s the very same business model that made banking one of the most profitable businesses in the entire world. It sounds too good to be true, yes, and Jodi knows it too. But this business model is exactly what she did to retire at age forty-six with six figures in passive income, and get out of being a corporate slave. Before that, she had a corporate sales gig that paid well, but the downside is that she has lost quite a lot of time for her family. A sad thought considering she’s not just a wife, but a mother as well.

Jodi then continues with this statement, “Then I discovered the investment strategy I’m about to show you, and in less than two years I was able to retire. Instead of working for my money, my money works for me. Now I make a six-figure income working no more than thirty minutes a month. And I’ve helped hundreds of students use the same investment strategy to build a high yield, low risk, passive income stream. And you might be surprised how little money you need to get started with this.”

Here’s the thing: The secret of the wealthy is that they don’t work for money, they let their money do the work for them so it multiplies itself. And of course, there are plenty of methods out there to achieve that. Investing in stocks, cryptocurrency, and even real estate, are the usual methods we know. The problem is the risk factor in some of these investments tends to be large, especially if you’re untrained. And so, the next solution you will do is to hire a financial advisor, which will then cost you even more money. So basically, you’re losing more than you should earn, especially in the worst-case scenario.

Now Jodi asks this question. What if there was a smarter and safer way to produce predictable cash flow and grow your net worth? There is, actually. Ever wonder why banks are a wealthy business venture? It’s simple. They lend money to some individuals (through various loans) and profit off the interest they produce. Now, imagine if you can do the same. Turns out that you can do it also. It’s called private lending. Essentially, you become one of the banks themselves.

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How does this work? Again, it’s quite simple to understand. You lend your money to experienced property investors and developers for particular projects. Then, they pay you back in installments with interest as high as 20%t. And just like a bank would take out a position on a home if they were giving you a home loan, you protect yourself by taking a position on the title of the property you’re lending money for.

As for the investment risk, Jodi claims that there’s almost no risk involved in this model, compared to the others. The question now is how much capital you need, as you’ll be lending money. Having hundreds of thousands of dollars for capital may not hurt, but according to Jodi, you don’t have to. You can start this business with a lot less capital than you may think. And in just 90 days, you can already replace your previous source of income with this one. Just like her top students.

There are three main steps in order for this business model to work. First, access your hidden money and put it to work for you. Second, identify the highest yield, lowest-risk projects to get involved with. Third and final, network and find long-term lending partners. It does sound simple on paper, but when done right, you can expect double-digit returns on basically no work at all.

If you’re interested in Jodi Vetterl’s business idea and to have her coach you on this, you can book a call through her Beyond The Banks Academy Accelerator call. As for the price, it’s not mentioned anywhere on the sales website. Only by booking a call can you find out. For me, Jodi Vetterl seems to be a nice and qualified individual, but I don’t like the business model at all. I highly doubt that this can be done even with low capital, since this deals with lending services. Thus, this is simply not for everyone.

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