Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Review (Vick’s 4%)

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Vick Strizheus (real name: Vitaly Strizheus) is the founder of Four Percent, which is basically an all-in-one training program, with courses that introduce you to a specific moneymaking opportunity. With a certain focus on various types of online marketing. Today, he’s going to show you how you can create a highly-profitable affiliate marketing business in just 30 days, almost a month. In fact, he himself used affiliate marketing to go from zero to more than $11,000 per day with no product, no overhead, no team, no nothing. How does he do it? He claims it’s all about the Connector Model, as he calls it.

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The so-called “Connector Model” revolves around the simple concept of connecting customers with the products/offers they desire. Vick claims that it’s no different from the business model that both Uber and AirBNB utilize. He calls it being like a digital middleman. And affiliate marketing is the perfect overlap of people looking for things, companies with products and services that deliver those things, and then the internet which allows us to pair buyers with sellers at scale. Vick preaches that the affiliate marketing business model is a great way to earn life-changing income from the comfort of their home without any fancy degrees, qualifications, or expenses.

As Vick says in his video advertisement, “My friends, this is the easiest money you can ever get yourself into online. Think about Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. What do all three have in common? Two things. Number one, they’re all trillion-dollar brands. But the second thing? They all have what’s called an affiliate program. That means that we can partner with them, collaborate with them and sell their products and make money. We can be in business with them. But how, right? How do we do that? Well, that’s what I’m gonna show ya.”

Vick then continues with this statement. “See, whatever you’re passionate about, you can find companies with world-class products you can promote as an affiliate on the internet. And that’s why I started Four Percent. My mission with that is to help people build their dream business online, generate consistent income, and enable them to live life on their terms. And I started teaching people how I made millions with affiliate marketing all the years prior. And whaddya know, they started getting results with it too.”

Vick then describes the three main components of a successful affiliate marketing campaign, and he compares them to a single vehicle. You’ve got the vehicle itself, which is the product or service you’re promoting. Then there’s the engine, or the marketing system. And finally, your fuel source, which represents traffic slash visitors. Most affiliates fail because they’re pouring fuel into a vehicle with no engine. Meaning, they just send people straight to their offer without any marketing system in between. The result? They’re not getting any sales at all. Because these affiliate aren’t building up the desire of these people so that they become really interested in their offers, and then they’ll eventually buy them.

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But by joining his Four Percent program, Vick gives you access to his privately-created Chicky Boom network, which has offers he’s already personally built the marketing systems for. All you have to do here is to drive traffic to these offers, and with Vick’s marketing system, he claims that these offers are guaranteed to convert. You don’t need to have advanced technical or marketing experience to use this, either. All you have to do is to send the leads, and then claim the earnings.

But you need to join Vick’s Four Percent program for you to take advantage of his moneymaking system. Inside, he’ll teach you about the three levels of traffic, how to retarget that traffic, then utilize his Million Dollar Hub model to cash in on as many offers as possible, rather than just one. There are three levels on which you can join, and each of them is priced higher than the last. There’s the Basic (FREE), Silver ($25 per month), Gold ($297 per month), and finally, Platinum ($1,000 per month).

But is joining Vick’s Four Percent worth it? Personally, I have some doubts. You see, Vick Strizheus has a bad record before. He’s convicted of insurance fraud before, in 2007. Furthermore, he was once affiliated with some known MLMs that are actuall Ponzi schemes. In an ironic twist, however, he was banned from those companies for unknown reasons. When even one of those MLM companies doesn’t want you, it’s a bad sign indeed. To be fair, Vick himself has opened up about these bad records of his, acknowledged it, and claims to be a changed man because of it. Still, some old habits may die hard. So after knowing all of this, how can you trust your money with him?

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