Vince Ecom Empire Reviews

Vince Ecom Empire

Vince Ecom Empire’s terms of participation made me realize something. I saw this wall of text first on a crypto trading bot offer and I thought it was unique. Seeing it again here means it was not. “What a netwakening,” indeed! But hey, I shouldn’t be surprised with the copy and paste shenanigans when Vince Ecom Empire itself is just your same ‘ol DFY Amazon automation. Nothing new, just trying to be a copycat of programs that sell. Review below.

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First of all, let me introduce who’s the “Vince” in Vince Ecom Empire. He’s none other than Yvenson Israel. From a pretty unique name to a goddamn boring one, c’mon now. Dude had the chance to be something different once and for all, but then whiffed it. Oh well, to the generic route, he goes!

I mean, the aesthetic he’s going for should be the last of my concerns. Like, let’s talk for a moment about how he got something about Forex and gold trading. He said it himself that he’s no financial advisor in any way, shape, or form, yet he’s out here dishing some financial advice. No, it’s not NFA just because you say so. That’s not how a disclaimer works, you muppet.

Oh, and by the way, thank heavens he done messed up, so I can see this other offer of his on the page of Vince Ecom Empire itself. See, a dude flexing all his fancy toys— the luxury cars, the yachts, and the expensive-looking crib— apparently can’t buy a cheaper Vimeo pro subscription to hide his sh*t. How ironic. Have some shame and stop saying that you bought your Lambo with cash repeatedly when you can’t pay around fifty bucks per month.

I’m not liking the way he writes his PR stuff either. Right off the bat, he’s like, “here are the facts,” then follows it up with the most generic BS I’ve ever seen, some too good to be true promise and blatant lies even. Like, no way you’ve been the longest in the eCom industry, are you? To top it off, he concluded with no proof that he’s speaking facts whatsoever. We just can’t take your word for it, the f*ck?

Enough of Vince, er, Yvenson, let’s move on to another set of f*ckery that is the program itself. What they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If Yvenson is bad, so is his Vince Ecom Empire. So, yeah, let’s start with discussing the gist of it. Again, this is about getting yourself a profitable store on Amazon via its dropshipping model. I’ve missed saying this earlier, but not only does he have DFY automation, but also a DIY Amazon training.

Given his DIY training is just a usual one, I’ll go all eyes on his DFY Amazon automation offer alone. As expected from Mister boring himself, the copy is yet another generic narrative filled with vague sh*t. Like, alright, we all know that you’ll be managing an Amazon store on behalf of your client and do the product research, processing of orders, and all that. Now what? How tf will you do it, then? Any hints on profit sharing?

Vince Ecom Empire Reviews

He didn’t spill any of ‘em important deets on his site. You have to book a call with ‘em and knowing Yvenson, there’s still no guarantee he’ll actually say useful bits at all. More likely than not, it’s just more BS and selling a dream to lure you in. To make this even worse, you have to pay ‘em right away for this so-called breakthrough call. 

I wish I was joking, but no, I’m actually serious. He’s really charging $47 for a f*cking sales call. Like what? I’m not surprised that Yvenson also put a ridiculous price on his Vince Ecom Empire automation offer, undeservingly so if I should say. Specifically, Vince Ecom Empire automation cost a whopping $25k.

Yeah, there’s no way I’ll be recommending this unproven mofo who’s only social proof is a bunch of paid articles to gush about him. He’s essentially an unproven muppet, but he sure has the audacity to charge exorbitantly like he’s a sought after authority in the Amazon space. No wonder someone already filed a lawsuit against him and his program. I say he got what he actually deserved.

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