Vincero Investment Academy Review (Justin Ho)

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Justin Ho knows that, with the current COVID-19 pandemic situation still prevalent, our current economic situation is also affected greatly. However, the situation can also present itself as a very good opportunity if you know exactly what you’re going to do. Because the trading market volatility can also be seen as an advantage for traders. Instead of trading in stocks or cryptocurrency though, he recommends forex. Because he claims it has an average daily trading volume of 5.1 trillion dollars, 60x bigger than the stock market. And it’s also a little less volatile than crypto. Take a look at my Vincero Investment Academy review to see if he’s right, and if he’s worth following.

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Let me give you a brief background on forex, for those new to the term. Forex is actually a shorthand term for “foreign exchange”. Basically, you’re trading different currencies from different countries around the market. And these currencies can either increase or decrease their value according to their economic situation. The U.S. dollar ($) is the most-traded currency in forex today, followed by the Euro (€) and the Japanese Yen (¥). However, forex trading has its fair share of risks as well, due to the continuous and usually volatile shifts in the worldwide supply and demand balance. And this is where Justin Ho claims that he can help you with.

Justin Ho is the founder and CEO of Vincero Investment Academy. And as far as credentials are concerned, he has an impressive list. He holds a Master’s Degree in finance and economics from the London School of Economics. He has worked at major investment banks such as JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, and DBS Bank. And overall, he has more than seven years of institutional trading experience, covering stocks, forex, and others. But does his experience and credentials translate to him being effective as a forex teacher? As it turns out, not really.

Since there really isn’t much information that can be found about Vincero Investment Academy outside, the only way to get to know about this course is to watch the free “webinar” that he offers when you view his ad. Which I promptly did so. Inside, there isn’t much difference to be seen from the other course webinars that you may have attended before. Justin first asks where everyone is from. He then tells the attendees to type “income” in the chatbox if they’re excited about making more money (hey, aren’t we all?) He then essentially brags to the audience that his current bankroll is now worth seven figures and counting, because of forex trading. He then further emphasizes that he only needs around 15 minutes of trading time in order to accomplish that feat, and he says, anyone can do it. Even you. In fact, by following his proven forex formulas, you can expect to make an extra $1k to $12k per month.

The webinar will then proceed at this point, but all that I can make out from what he’s telling here is that it’s full of fluff that’s not really necessary to what you want to know. During those sixty minutes of webinar time, I even almost fell asleep as he continues to speak. Finally, at some point, he will then discuss with you his forex trading strategy. But once again, he deliberately made it vague so that you’ll be curious about what exactly his strategy is. He obviously won’t go to the details of his forex trading strategy on his webinar because he wants you to buy his online course first.

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But anyways, after more than 60 minutes of being a bit brain-dead, you’ll then be offered the actual sales pitch. Vincero Investment Academy costs around $997 per year. But from the webinar itself, I don’t think I’m going to even pay that kind of money for a course like this. First of all, it’s as clear as water that they’re promoting this training program as a “get-rich-quick” system, which is a dangerous idea to promote. Forex trading isn’t something like that. Much like stocks and crypto trading, the market is highly volatile, especially in this period of uncertainty. If you’re not careful, you may lose all of the money you invested. Secondly, most likely the lessons that are included in this program, you may even learn from other, free sources as well. You may get some training with Justin Ho, but I don’t think it’s still worth the cost. Finally, it’s most likely that the ones who are making a lot of money in securities trading like this are the ones who sell these kinds of training programs (like Justin himself).

Overall, it’s not recommended to pay for a course if you want to learn forex, stocks, or crypto trading. Besides, would you trust a guy that was previously suspended for 4 months due to him disclosing insider information about a company to his colleagues without his employer’s authorization?

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