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People who are physically attractive will find success regardless. It’s a weird way to start a post like this. But people who are good-looking always get a lot of attention. We sometimes get attracted to people we find physically attractive. A lot of these people have managed to leverage the attention they get as a way to earn money. Models exist because of that. So do physical fitness buffs. Sometimes the algorithm will show you a post or a video of some guy in the gym. Maybe it’ll get your attention. Or maybe it would annoy the heck out of you.

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I actually have never seen an ad featuring Vince Sant show up whenever I watch videos on YouTube. It probably has to do with how specific I can be with the videos I watch on the platform. But if you’re somebody who lets autoplay do its thing, you may have stumbled upon an ad featuring him at one point. I feel like waiting for the Skip Ad button might have felt like an eternity. Nobody really wants to sit through all four minutes of the ad. People do find it annoying whenever ads, especially those that go for a few minutes, are unskippable.

There isn’t much to learn about Vince Sant’s personal life, mainly because it’s not really readily available. All I know is that he was raised in Ohio and did a few modeling gigs in his home state and even abroad. It was in the mid-2010s that he was introduced to SculpNATION’s co-founder and chief technology officer Roger Crandall. Since then V Shred was formed. Back in 2015, the program was called “The Vinsanity 6-Pack Shred.” It’s definitely not something that rolls off the tongue. So I guess they made the right choice to shorten the name.

There are so many different fitness programs available out there. V Shred is just one of them. But the thing about V Shred is a lot of other fitness experts who post on YouTube have roasted the heck out of it. Because of the prevalence of that specific V Shred ad on different platforms, a lot of people have taken attention of the program and even tried it out for themselves. Most of them agree on one thing: Vince Sant doesn’t know what the heck he’s talking about. If your search for his name on YouTube, you’ll likely find a lot of those reviews as you scroll through.

Unsurprisingly, Vince Sant is the face of SculpNATION. The company mainly sells nutritional supplements. Somehow, Vince is referred to as a “celebrity trainer” in the copy on the homepage. I’m not really sure if that’s entirely accurate. I guess he’s received some notoriety. But it’s definitely not the kind of fame you should be proud of. Although, that kind of notoriety has managed to earn him a net worth of $6.5 million. So I guess it worked out to his benefit. His YouTube channel has amassed a total of more than 150 million views.

People have somehow managed to find success in the training programs from V Shred. And good on them for that. But it’s not a one size fits all kind of thing. If you’re planning on joining any kind of fitness program, you should probably ask for any recommendations at your local gym. It’s always best to ask people in your immediate vicinity whenever it relates to something like fitness. You can never be too sure if the program that you joined online will be effective. It’s great to find people near you to help you out if you are having trouble with certain exercises and the like.

Since the fitness industry isn’t that heavily regulated, any kind of program can flourish as long as you get people to join them. And the thing you have to be good at is selling the product. If people don’t believe in what you’re saying, nobody will be interested in buying your product. And Vince Sant is somehow a very effective marketer. In a lot of videos, he has managed to mention the products and programs that he sells. I think being able to make the product sound better than it actually is is a very underrated skill.

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