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Real Estate Skills dot com offers a chance to learn from investors who have been flipping for years and are still flipping right now. They’re not talking about an obscene hand gesture that involves a middle finger or two, but flipping houses aka wholesaling in real estate. And yes, they’re also promising that you don’t need lots of money to start, you just need to enroll in their Pro Wholesaler VIP program that I’ll review below.

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To start, let me describe the Pro Wholesaler VIP program. The program, founded by Alex Martinez, claims to be the “fast, fun, and convenient way” to start a profitable wholesaling business without spending a single dime on marketing. Once you sign up, they’ll provide proven and tested wholesaling processes and systems that you can easily copy. No need to experiment and find out what’s working best in the wholesaling space through trial-and-error, Pro Wholesaler VIP program already got you covered.

Throughout six weeks, you can complete the six core sections of the program’s training that are as follows: Foundations And Mindset, Financing Partners And The Golden Ticket, Secrets Of The Pro Wholesaler, Art Of The Pro Wholesaler, Bullet Proof Offers And Platinum Platters, and Closing, Systemizing, And Scaling To Seven Figures. Regardless of the given timeline, you can finish it whenever you like. Go slow or go fast – you’re free to do whatever and work at your own pace.

The first section, Foundations And Mindset, talks about everything you need to know to get the most out of the program. Here, you’ll be oriented with general housekeeping rules along with the most important things to remember going into the training. To add, you’ll also be taught about the winning mindset you need to have to become a “pro wholesaler” plus an overview of what wholesalers typically do (and don’t).

Meanwhile, the second section is all about getting the financing you need in wholesaling. This is what makes starting from zero dollars possible (excluding the payment for the program, of course). Financing partners can be anyone from hard money lenders to cash buyers – the latter is the one you’ll usually find from Real Estate Investing Association (REIA) Meetings. And yes, you’ll also get tips on how to effectively network on the said meetings. That includes what to wear, so you can slay (figuratively) as you should.

Moving on, the third and fourth section tackles the proven and tested wholesaling system of the program. The most notable thing to note here, aside from the tips on how to get the most value out of renovation, is how you’ll proceed in getting property leads through MLS, a powerful database of housing market information, without getting a real estate license yourself. Unsurprisingly, it’s through working with people who can access it, licensed real estate agents, but it’s easier said than done. Hence, the existence of a section dedicated to building rapport with ‘em peeps.

Finally, section five and six is all about delivering the wholesale deals to your financing partners. The how-tos of accomplishing required documents, and structuring your contract and offer will be taught here. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to present the deal through Pro Wholesaler VIP’s Platinum Platter. The essence of the Platinum Platter is for financing partners to see what they want to see – short, simple, and to the point email containing the entirety of your deal.

Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Review

Being true to their “immersive online program” claims, the core section delivered primarily through training videos is not the only thing you’ll get here. You’ll also have a year of expert mentorship and coaching calls on demand; links to download templates, scripts, and wholesaler’s cheat sheets; and access to a wholesaling community of three hundred plus like-minded individuals (aka other students of the program). All of that once you enroll in the Pro Wholesaler VIP program that costs $4,800.

The cost of the program alone is enough to make me say NO to the Pro Wholesaler VIP program. Not to mention the problems I have with wholesaling as a business model, in general. I’ve explained it already in a review, but the gist is it’s risky to do wholesaling in the current real estate market.

If I can’t change your mind with wholesaling, then you better choose a smarter way to get started in it. Why not be a licensed real estate agent yourself instead? For around a thousand bucks, you can (fee to enroll in an accredited real estate schools included). No sense to get spooked with the required licensure test when you’re probably thinking of shelling out $4,800 for a program teaching concepts you really can’t quantify like building rapport and such. Above all, don’t get fooled by a shiny object like this, you’re not a freakin’ magpie.

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