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Wesley Virgin Reviews

Wesley Virgin

Wesley “Billion Dollar” Virgin, who upgraded his moniker as he called himself “Million Dollar” before, just popped in my ads today. Nothing new with him, really. It’s the same ‘ol “mindset hacks to a million” method just like the OG Overnight Millionaire. But instead of surrounding himself with luxury cars, he’s now taking the “millionaire” experience by flexing his fancy sh*t in a luxurious crib. Is he your typical financial guru that I won’t do business with? Find out below.

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Not gonna lie, I feel bad for the pool table that he’s using as a makeshift stage. Like, get your heavy bum outta there. Imagine being so reckless that you don’t mind breaking some furniture. Fine if it’s all yours,  but f*ck no, it isn’t. Pardon my French but my point still stands, he’s likely just renting the fancy house to shoot the ad. I mean, he already got busted with using rental cars before and pretending that it’s his (no, they’re not) for his infamous ad. “They told me I was never gonna make it,” he screams while he’s knocking multiple strangers’ cars in a random parking lot. Pfft.

I’ll tell ya’ right away that he’s the type of guru that I don’t f*ck with. The usual “fake it ‘til you make it” guy whose source of income is getting desperate people fall for his too good to be true offer hook, line, and sinker. The audacity to update his moniker to “Billion Dollar” too when he’s, at most, barely able to hit a million dolla’ playa’. Could have a turn of the tide as there’s a sucker born every minute, but I hope not.

Unlike the other gurus who have technical knowledge about something at the very least, Wesley seems to have nothing. There’s a reason he sticks to his mind wanking stuff where he can say whatever, mention some pseudoscience term and encourage manifestation , and call it a day. Too bad for him, he can’t charge thousands of dollars straight up for this. Regardless, majority are still mad and fuming, like a raging bull seeing red, for getting ripped off on his relatively cheap sh*t. Yup, that’s how bad it is.

I’ll also get mad when I’m scolded for nothing. That’s his usual schtick aside from acting rich. He’ll call you an idiot for watching his video instead of taking action and clicking the link below. Imagine getting screamed at by a sweaty gym bro like him on an ad break… Like dude, I’m here to watch cute cat videos and not to be humiliated for not being a millionaire or something. Might as well consider paying for YouTube premium if I’ll get more of this. It just doesn’t feel right to pay for such, affordable or not, on top of my other bajillion subscriptions, but Wesley might push me through my limits. Dang it.

Wesley Virgin Reviews

To be honest, I’ll probably let this pass if Wesley decided to teach about fitness and body-building. He’s a buff motherf*cker after all, and his first viral video is about him doing push-ups. What could go wrong, right? The lowest of lows he can get is settling as a Zumba instructor, but it ain’t that bad for honest work. But nope, he chose to sell get rich quick stuff that’ll only disappoint. Over promises but under delivers, that’s what he does.

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend any of Wesley’s offers. From the cheap one in Overnight Millionaire that costs $27 to a pricey Done For You Services (that’s the name of the program, BTW, and it’s really an affiliate program) that costs around $499 to $816. Not unless you want something to complain about on his BBB profile. Not so fun fact, it is probably the most complaint-infested profile I’ve ever seen, and that’s compared to hundreds I’ve seen before. Quite a feat for Wesley, thank you for essentially giving us nothing!

But seriously, just stay away from his programs. Aside from useless course content, he’s also notorious for hidden charges and not granting refunds. Heck, there’s even a complaint where a guy was pushed by Wesley to run Facebook ads out of his pocket for a promise of commission. Turns out, there’s no way to track the sales from his links and the leads from the ad he paid himself goes straight to Wesley. To cut the chase off, Wesley’s down bad that he’s scamming commissions from the sale of a measly $27 course in Overnight Millionaire. What a penny-pinching con, beware!

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