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Zach Calhoon is a digital entrepreneur who is the founder of CloudPano, a SAAS (Software As A Service) program that is capable of doing 360° virtual tours. He claims that, with VR technology that’s thriving right now, you’ll be able to start and scale your business to new heights. All you need to do is to learn a repeatable and stable system that you can use to unlock paying customers, consistent leads, and consistent sales. He says that being a VR entrepreneur has proven to be a great opportunity for profit, and that anyone can do it. It sounds interesting, to be honest, so let’s see what Zach has to say.

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A little history about Zach Calhoon first. He started his CloudPano software around 5 years ago, and it only existed as a mere idea back then. “And the way I did it, is I walked into a real estate office. There was about thirty people in the room. And we had no working product, but I wanted to validate the technology, which was 360° virtual tours, and prove they were valuable. So I did a presentation, handed out a piece of paper, and at the top of that paper it said ‘I want a 360°.’ That’s all it said.”

Since 360° virtual tours are so new back then, it’s understandable that a few companies would dabble in it, especially with the potential cost of it. So Zach only started with a few business in order to prove to himself that VR technology is a profitable enterprise. He would name the price of his services, then he would ask these people for their name and e-mail addresses, written on a piece of paper. “I did that three times, three different offices, and I had about thirty plus people sign up with their name and their email. So then I had to run around town in Houston, Texas, creating 360° virtual tours for those clients, for those realtors.”

“Fast forward to today. We built CloudPano as a software, used private label to create this virtual tour business within days. And now we have twenty-three thousand users who’ve created more than a hundred thousand virtual tours on the platform,” Zach says as he notes on how his VR business have grown in the past few years. “University of Alabama’s used our platform. There is people in our community who have sold projects for ten thousand dollars, fourteen thousand dollars, forty thousand dollars. And how they’re doing it is very simple. They go to a location, they put a special camera in the center of a room, they press one button, and it captures a three hundred and sixty degree photo of that space.”

Zach then explains on how their VR technology works and how it can help other businesses. You’re going to create a fully immersive photo so that people can see the entire ins and outs of the location, the property, the vehicle, the event space, whatever it is. You can also make it interactive. So you can add hot spots, information spots, embed content. Also, because it’s a service and you can do it pretty easily, Zach claims that it’s quick to launch, fast to learn. He also claims that it’s a lot of fun because there’s really no cap to how much money you can make in certain niches. That being said, it works on almost any business type you can think of, he says. Real estate, commercial work, the event space, automotive, and many others.

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It’s then at this point that Zach Calhoon introduce his training program to his audiences. The program is called Virtual Tour Profit. “So if you are looking for a new type of technology that is really cool to learn, super easy to set up and create, but still has high enterprise value for your customers and for your clients, I highly recommend you check out Virtual Tour Profit.” As the name says, Virtual Tour Profit is a program wherein Zach will teach you on how you can set up a virtual tour business of your own. And that’s without needing any expensive equipment or hard-selling.

The Virtual Tour Profit basically functions like a business-in-a-box. Not only it will teach you how to start your own virtual tour business, it’ll also teach you how you can attract high-ticket clients in order to achieve a high amount of earnings. They will also give you step-by-step frameworks of how to pre-sell with no experience, complete with demos to go pitch with.

In addition, the Virtual Tour Profit comes complete with a discount on CloudPano Pro Plus, plus other bonuses that serve to “accelerate your progress”. What’s more, you’ll have the privilege of private labeling the CloudPano 360° virtual tour software itself so you can sell it as your own brand. You can add all kinds of cool functions and features and live video chat, and sell these things for any price you want. You can even sell a monthly subscription for your VR services to others.

“So if you like passive, recurring revenue, this is a great business model for you to implement those strategies. If you have any interest at all in starting a local service technology company, utilizing 360° virtual tours and VR technology, if you’re into that kind of stuff, I think you’d love Virtual Tour Profit,” Zach says as he ends his pitch. The cost for joining the Virtual Tour Profit can vary. You can either pay $1,000 for lifetime access, or you can pay a subscription payment for $400 annually, or $50 monthly. I liked the idea. There’s potential in the VR technology business model. But it may not work for introverts because of all the possible cold-calling, pitching, and demonstration that you have to do to get clients.

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