Career Vision Accelerator Review

Career Vision Accelerator

Career Vision Accelerator’s Jill Turner states that she’s so confident in helping her clients land their dream job in record time. She adds, “If I can’t, I will work for you for free until you do.” Sounds impressive, but trust me, this is just following the usual guru script. Nothing new but it seems like she’s determined to stand by it. More of her thoughts [and mine] about Career Vision Accelerator down below.

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She continues, “How can I make that kind of promise? ” “It’s simple,” she answers, “I have the best track record on the planet when it comes to helping fed-up professionals find work that they actually love and turn that dream into reality.” Source? Trust me, bro.

But wait, to my surprise, she’s prepared to back up her said bold claim. No, it’s not about her being an experienced improv comedian of over 15 years [curious if that gig of hers is affected by the SAG-AFTRA strike]. It’s about her services under the company Jill Turner Improv Training.

According to her, she did high-level corporate training and consulting work for a big three consulting firms, a Silicon Valley startup, a global VC firm, and a Fortune 500 oil company.

The first two companies she mentioned are Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and BASU dot com, respectively. The remaining two are the unnamed clients of her training company where she led an improv workshop and culture transformation kick-off event.

Knowing these behemoths well, she’s able to leverage the insiders’ knowledge to help dozens of fed-up and dissatisfied professionals find a high-paying, immensely satisfying career that they adore. All without going back to school, getting an MBA, and/or sending out thousands of job applications.

She has done her magic with Caela Chebino, an executive assistant turned operations manager with a six-figure salary. Done allat with just two months of Jill’s coaching. “Working with her gave me the support, accountability, awareness, and the push to finally make a monumental change in my life,” wrote Caela in her review of the program.

Then, there’s Kristen Lippstreu, a once burned-out data analyst who’s inches away from quitting her job. Thanks to Jill, Kristen didn’t quit and instead, she remained with her company and got promoted to a senior program manager role.

Salila Sukumaran, a wellness consultant and TEDx speaker [not to be confused with the much more prestigious TED Talks] shares her thoughts about Jill: “Jill’s energy is incredible. She totally owns her role as a coach, facilitator, and moderator.

The bottom line is, if it worked out for Caela, Kristen, and Salila, then a high chance that it’ll also work for you. “And again, if it doesn’t, I will work with you for free until you get clarity and find your next career move,” Jill reassures.

If you have at least five year of experience in your current position and you’re willing to invest in yourself, Jill extends her invitation to a 45-minute breakthrough session. This is free, but likely NOT a no-pressure one given her second criteria.

In the said call, she’ll ask where you are in your career, what’s working, what’s not, and where you want to be. The goal is to draft you a complete game plan for landing a fulfilling job with a great salary.

Career Vision Accelerator Review

But of course, expect Jill to not-so-gently nudge you towards signing up for her paid, probably costly Career Vision Accelerator Inner Circle offer [my conservative estimate would be a price of around $7k]. The “willing to invest” criteria I mentioned earlier gives it away.

I get it, there’s value in paying people to persuade us to do something. Like, I really see no problem in paying an expert with a solid and impressive résumé like Jill. It’s alright, but something I won’t suggest myself.

Why? It’s because I’d rather get a mentorship about starting my own business instead. You’re already willing to make a monumental change, why stop at only having a fulfilling, good paying career? I just knew some of y’all biggest dream is to become your own boss, anyways.

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