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Robert Vitelli Review (E-Commerce Drama)

Robert Vitelli

Robert Vitelli has been the president of Accelerated Results for almost twenty seven years now. That’s a long ass time, but his overall stint in the business space is much longer than that. Why, he’s claiming to be the number one salesman at a local marketing agency when he was only twelve years young. Is that for a lemonade stand or what? Kidding aside, scroll to my review below to see if there’s some E-commerce drama surrounding his name.

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First of all, I just want to say that I’m today years old when I found out that e-commerce is the right way to write the word and not eCommerce. With a hyphen, and not with or without a single space. Although, to be fair, eCommerce is somehow acceptable nowadays due to it being more popular in literary works and searches. Turns out, I can continue using whatever. For the sake of uniformity, however, I’ll go with e-commerce here.

Enough of that, let’s proceed with answering the question that probably brought you here: Is there any e-commerce drama in connection to Robert? As far as I know, there’s none or, at least, there’s nothing major going on. Like, there’s not much news about him at all. Unless you count his revelation of growing up with only an alcoholic mom by his side.

Anyway, his name being out of online chatter brings me to an important bit I had to point out which is Robert’s lack of social proof. Is it by design that even the name of his e-commerce thang is kept like a goddamn dirty secret? Maybe, maybe not. Personally, I prefer my mentors to be transparent and not mysterious.

It’s not just personal preference, though. Dude claims to be a number one international bestselling author, speaker, and coach. Is being number one means only getting one single review for your e-commerce book? The math ain’t mathing, I s’pose. To add, he’s apparently been featured on CBS, Fox, and other news channels before. Where’s the damn clips for proof? I see nothing.

When you talk big, you better back it up. Do it publicly too and not behind closed doors like a private Facebook group where you can definitely play dictator and limit comments to only positive ones. That’s his approach BTW. Put all the generic BS on the initial opt-in site while implying that there’s more info on his group.

Basically, it’d be a huge gamble trying mysterious Robert’s e-commerce offer that cost around north of $10k. And obviously, I wouldn’t be too keen on recommending it. Having said that, I do understand the curiosity to know more about the program, so might as well spill it here anyway. Given the price I’ve mentioned, you might’ve guessed already what biz he’s trying to sell. None other than a DFY e-commerce store, duh!

Not just one store, but at least two of them on either Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, or Facebook Marketplace. He got a promo, special sale as he calls it. For the price of one store, you’ll get two. And for the price of two, you’ll get three. What they’ll do is apparently everything except, of course, financing the thing. Nothing new, just your typical DFY e-commerce offer. Yawn.

Robert Vitelli Review

What do they mean by everything, though? According to Robert, it means them doing the daily product management, order “fulfilment” (he’s a bloody Brit), and customer service. From 10k sales in the first month, he promised to pump those sales numbers up to around $95k-$175k by months nine to eighteen.

I appreciate him being clear here and saying the figure as sales rather than going vague about it. However, that bit ain’t enough to dismiss any of his mysteriousness. Not to mention him saying a different name in his presentation, just head scratching stuff. Like, who’s Robin? Thought t’was him presenting, the hell?

To end this review, I’ll list one other thing that’s  important to know about any DFY e-commerce which is the percent cut. From the same presentation where he dropped the name Robin, he mentions 35% of monthly profits going towards him while the rest is on you. You can either take it all home or re-invest it to your store, so Robert can scale it up further. Either way, I’m good. Won’t really invest a single dime with his company until he fixes his transparency issues. Next!

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