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Vodyssey Review (Shawn Moore)

Shawn Moore 1

Shawn Moore and his wife used to be a dealer of high-end resort properties back in 2008. During this time, he was making a lot of money. But overnight, in just a snap, all of his hard work disappeared. The owner of the resort he was trying to sell was indicted due to securities charges. Of course, his paycheck was also gone. And since he was a heavy spender back then, Shawn evidently lost almost everything that he had gained during the days when he was still earning huge paychecks.

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Because of losing his source of income, he failed to make the payment for his mortgage for six straight months. He eventually lost his house. Then followed his vehicles. Shawn now has no money in the bank, and was in a lot of debt. He keeps on complaining and complaining about his predicament to almost everyone he knew, including his family, but eventually, they simply grew tired of it, and just let him be. It was at this point, that he realized, the only person that could help him recover from this fall, is none other than himself.

One day, he found an ad about a real estate seminar, and he decided to attend it to see what it is about (borrowing some money to attend). It was here where he learned more about the real estate industry, especially some things that may not have learned back in his time when he was still employed. Eventually, he hired the coach who hosted that seminar, and began to listen to his advice and study under him. Soon enough, he was already closing a lot of real estate deals, which in turn, allowed him to earn a lot of money.

What’s even more impressive is that he was still able to achieve that during the year 2009, when the real estate industry is hitting its worst recession yet. Soon enough, they were winning top producer awards. Things were going well. They’re putting some money in the bank. Getting their lives back in order.

Further inspiration for his real estate business came when they were on a vacation in Hawaii. His son suggested that, why don’t he sell some houses here, so they could swim and be on vacation all the time. An idea that Shawn took to heart. He also wanted to share with others his knowledge about the strategy he uses to succeed in real estate, so created the Lifestyle Asset University to accomplish that. Eventually, L.A.U. became Vodyssey.

Shawn Moore 2

Vodyssey, at least according to the limited information available on the website, is a program which can help you invest in vacation homes without worrying about the pitfalls associated with traditional real estate investing. Basically, it is a coaching program that will teach you how to earn passive income by investing in vacation homes.

To be honest, however, the website for Vodyssey is actually not that helpful when you want to have a slight idea of how the program works. I tried to look around, but, all it showed me was a vague explanation of what the program is about. And before I can even look for answers in the video, they are already asking for my contact information.

Even worse, when you watch the video, you may be in for a rather confusing experience. Shawn presents concepts about the opportunity he is presenting, but actually, all of those are just endless walls of text, as well as complicated terms that are quite hard to understand, especially if you are a rookie in the real estate business. Also, I think Shawn tried to fit in a lot of information in this video that he forgot that not all people are willing to watch an hour-long introduction video.

What is publicly available information for Vodyssey, however, is the price. It costs around $4,800 for enrollment in his course. Personally, I think Shawn Moore is a great guy, and his real estate strategy is something that is quite effective at earning a lot of money. However, it’s certainly not for everyone. Because however we see it, you’re going to need a lot of capital in order to even get started. Not only that, you’re also going to need a lot of manpower. If you’re going to go into the real estate industry as a way to earn income while not doing the 9-5 grind, why don’t you just go into digital real estate instead?

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