Vomos Academy Review

Vomos Academy

Vomos Academy is an online course for anyone aspiring to become a private jet broker. The promise here is that the biz is profitable, predictable, and minimal risk… oh, and booming too given how peeps are willing to spend lotta money just to copy celebrities and their cozy jet lifestyle. Are these claims grounded in reality or are they just selling hot air? Buckle up ‘cause I’ll try to find the real scoop below.

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But first, let’s hear what they have to say in their workshop slash sales pitch. Vomos, the company offering this Vomos Academy course, introduced themselves as a top private jet broker firm in the US. Mentioned how they’ve been in the private aviation scene for a solid nineteen years. Oh word?

Actually, the statement about their years of experience is misleading. Without any clarification on Vomos’ side, one might assume that they’ve been around for nineteen years. But nope, not really since the company was only established in 2016.

On the flip side, it’s also worth noting that the reviews about them on sites like Trustpilot are all recent. Every feedback, barring one, belongs to this year. Reviews aplenty are quite rare for brokers; I can maybe assume that the 25k+ passengers they served don’t have the time or inclination to leave one *shrugs*. But it’s still odd when the reviews about their two, three years old course [Vomos Academy, what else?] are new. Y’all feel me?

Anyways, let’s jump to Vomos’ five-step system to private jet broker excellence and success. First is sourcing jets which involves signing up on one of air charter sourcing platforms so that you can get started requesting quotes for your clients.

Second is getting customers through either of the following strategies: Developing corporate and personal relationships, spotting people in VIP sections, and identifying your own target market.

Third is understanding the financial aspect of the biz including maximizing your profitability. To do this, Vomos suggests exceeding your client’s travel needs to earn repeat business, setting up a referral and rewards program, and getting quotes from multiple operators to secure the best price.

Fourth is keeping your business in line with industry standards and regulations. They say that if you keep your business compliant, you’ll be deemed trustworthy. Oh, and also, don’t be shady. Pick operators who are business compliant themselves and disclose any special relationship you have with them if there’s any.

Lastly, the fifth step is about sales and growth. Besides closing deals, this also means knowing how to build a team for your business. You’ll probably start alone, but doing the latter and having motivated individuals to help you out is essential in the future.

Expect more in-depth discussion of this five-step system in Vomos Academy’s course that includes the following: Online training videos [sixteen modules in total]; resource pack containing scripts, guides, templates, and checklists; and access to “after the course” community group.

Meanwhile, the launch [never mind the course being two years old, at least] and fast-action bonus are as follows: Private jet operators list, jet broker customer contract, deal flow script, and a sixty-day mentorship program.

The price of Vomos Academy? Well, Vomos Academy costs a one-time payment of $2,997. There’s a money back guarantee but only for five days. Other mentorship and partnership programs are only available after completing the first course.

Vomos Academy Review

And now, the part y’all have been waiting for—the real scoop: Contrary to what Vomos says about this being an “untapped industry with great ROI and low competition”, the private jet broker scene is actually competitive. No strict regulations mean you have lots of wannabe brokers out there. No standard certifications either so it’ll be hard for beginners to stand out as someone reputable.

I’m also skeptical about their promise of you building a seven-figure private jet charter business. Because guess what, the “success stories” of the course— the likes of Joi Hilton and Dhameer Bradley— are still working as mentors for Vomos. If I were a successful seven-figure business owner as they claim, I ain’t working for anybody else. Get me?

All things considered, I won’t recommend Vomos Academy especially to beginners. It’s not easy money, period. Personally, I also won’t recommend something that encourages further destruction of our planet. I know I’m not alone in this given the ridicule received by celebrities like Drake and Kim K for flying their jet so often. I’m all about spreading awareness and positivity, not carbon emission!

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