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Chris Voss Masterclass Review (The Art Of Negotiation)

The Art Of Negotiation

Chris Voss teaches “The Art Of Negotiation” in Masterclass. He has a lot of tricks up his sleeve as he worked as a hostage negotiator for 24 years. In fact, he’s so brilliant that he became the FBI’s lead international hostage negotiator. And now he’s sharing the knowledge to individuals who might need to be effective in negotiating for themselves. Strikes your fancy? Continue reading my Chriss Voss Masterclass review below for more deets.

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Chris understands that some might question the need for negotiation training. This is why he started the masterclass by saying the following: 

“You’re in negotiations all day long. If you want somebody to say yes to anything, you’re in a negotiation. If somebody is trying to make you say yes to something, then you’re in a negotiation. If you say I want or you say I need, you’re in a negotiation. You’re probably in three to seven negotiations every single day.”

That’s how he put emphasis on the importance of negotiation. According to him, if you do it multiple times a day, then it must be something that you should be good at. Personally, I would say Amen to that. To some extent, of course. It’s not the end of the world if your negotiation skills is comparable to a rock, but life would be so much simpler if you’re slick at it.

So, how would you bring your A-game in negotiating, then? Chris mentions a few principles regarding negotiation in this masterclass to get you going. To start, he mentions that negotiation is a collaborative endeavor. “The  adversary  is not the person across the table,” he says, “the adversary  is the  situation.” In turn, he dismissed the stereotype of negotiation wherein the biggest jerk in the room always takes the W in negotiating while the lesser one loses. 

No, you don’t need to be a cold MF who talks and negotiates like you’re always ready to throw hands. That’s counterproductive and instead, you should maintain an accommodating voice that inspires confidence. You’ll do it because what you give is what you get. And also, negotiations are not always a zero-sum game. If you see it as a collaborative thing, you’ll likely end up in a win-win situation where no one takes any Ls at all.

He continues with explaining the techniques he used as a hostage negotiator. He claims that the said techniques are also applicable for typical negotiations, like closing deals in a business transaction for example, and not just for hostages. Simply put, it’s for talking anyone in (or out of) whatever. And yes, the masterclass goes on to showcase pointers from Chris’ $17.99 book titled “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It.”

As an overview, he talks about tactical empathy where you influence someone’s emotions for them to trust you. It might sound like something a sociopath would do, but it’s actually just pertaining to emotional intelligence on steroids. Usually, it’s also just involving using your late-night FM DJ voice. He goes on to explain more negotiation techniques such as mirroring, labelling, dynamic silence, and calibrated questions.

Chris Voss Masterclass Review

The rest of the masterclass talks about strategies on swaying another person’s decision to your favor. Here, it definitely showed that Chris is a hostage negotiator. He sounded like it too with the terms “accusation audit” and “finding the black swan” popping off in the discussion. And oh, I almost forgot to include that part of the rest (of the masterclass) are clips of mock negotiations.

So, what’s my verdict on this? It’s not your usual mind wanking course like Zero To Dangerous and it won’t be ridiculously priced too at only $180 for one year access (including training from other Masterclass’ mentors listed on the site). However, my frugal ass would rather recommend to buy the cheaper book of Chris if you’re only up to know his techniques and strategies, and not watching him apply such in action (the mock negotiations are just staged, anyway). And also, if you don’t mind reading instead of watching.

If you’re looking at this as a way to start your biz, then I’ll suggest not picking this at all. The lack of actionable steps here on starting one, book or masterclass, is just no-bueno for wannabe entrepreneurs. Instead, choose a course or program with an actual business model. Better yet, choose a model where you don’t need to negotiate, beg, or flaunt like a horny peacock to impress and close deals. Something where the product you make speaks for itself. Amen? Amen.

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