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VT Ad Agency Review (Vova Tess)

Vova Tess

Vova Tess is a young entrepreneur who apparently started a dropshipping biz since he was out of high school. Fits the dropshipping guru stereotype like a glove, and he actually reminds me of another young, infamous Shopify dropshipper in Mikey Cass. Is he and his program as sh*tty as Mikey’s? Only one way to find out, and it’s to check him out myself to see what’s up. My review of his VT Ad Agency starts below.

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“We don’t stop until we get it done” is the first sentence I noticed on their website. It’s the VT Ad Agency way, says the text that follows. What do they need to get done, then? I assume it’s setting up and managing a Shopify dropshipping store for you. I mean, DFY dropshipping automation is their core service anyway… or is it not?

Well, I have two things to clarify. One, VT Ad Agency also offers Amazon FBA automation. The Shopify dropshipping thang is just the flagship of theirs, the one they’re more known for. Two, being automation and all, the dropshipping offer is supposedly DFY, but I see some reviews that say otherwise. Say what?

But hey, that can wait until we go over what Vova says about his program first. To start, he says how he’ll turn you from spending money on consumer products to making a fortune by selling them. “And the whole thing is fully automated which means you won’t have to grease your elbows at all,” he adds.

He continues to say that there’s no need for you to watch hundreds of webinars, or spend thousands to learn from trial and error if you partner up with them. Why, his team of thirty plus experts would be the one who’ll keep everything up and running for you. If that doesn’t confirm that their offer should be DFY, I don’t know what would.

Everything seems fine until the part where Vova goes doomer mode on those who’ve been burned over by fake e-commerce gurus. Instead of reassuring them, he goes straight fear mongering by saying that they’re running out of time on realizing their dream income, and they better take the “leap of faith” now to trust a mentor (him, obviously) again.

Not even a word to show any empathy because in reality, he likely don’t give a f*ck and he didn’t even bother hiding it. Heck, he didn’t try to pull a “not like the other gurus” narrative either. He’s probably betting on suckers to buy his sh*t regardless of his BS. And that’s what he wants, to make a sale, and nothing else.

When they fail to deliver, he always blames everyone else other than themselves. In fact, the DFY issue I mentioned earlier is actually all their doing. In an attempt to excuse themselves from failing their customer, he gets snarky and states that it’s not their job to bring them success, so better “not expect it to be done for you.” What’s a DFY (Done For You) if it’s not, er, done for you? Be serious.

So what, it’s only DFY when it’s convenient for y’all? On sales pitch, it IS DFY since it’d be your selling point. The reason why you and your VT Ad Agency team are getting paid $8,997 plus more in monthly ad spend. But in situations that demand accountability, it’s not DFY anymore? The mental gymnastics is insane.

VT Ad Agency Review

Similarly, they’d be quick to promise a fast ROI to lure you in. When it’s all apparent that the store they’re managing for you sucks, they’ll backtrack and say that it takes time to get income here, and that their business model is not a get rich quick scheme. Well, no sh*t, but then, why promise  fast ROI if it’s not doable?

Most importantly, the “it just takes time” excuse is actually not applicable here since they’re notorious for putting up stores that really, really sucks. Literally zero potential to even make a teensy weensy bit of income. Which, in fact, shouldn’t be the case since they’re asking around $600 monthly for ads, and they’re also given the reins to try out as many products as possible. All that boost, yet they still struggle to get a sale or two. Thirty plus experts muh ass.

Turns out, he’s as sh*tty as Mikey Cass, maybe even worse. Not only is he bad at this e-commerce thang, he’s also very rude and unprofessional. Instead of trying to be better, he’s just out here trying to censor anyone who’s calling out his BS. Can’t really fool us when it’s Trustpilot themselves that tagged his business profile as something with lotta fake positive reviews. Shame on you, Vova.

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