Virtual Real Estate Investing Club Review (DC Fawcett)

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DC Fawcett is someone who’s quite active in the real estate investing market. His primary means of investing is virtual real estate investing, which is basically remote real estate investing, as opposed to the conventional strategy of physically attending showings. Virtual real estate investing is doing real estate research and investment property analysis utilizing real estate investing software before purchasing an investment property. And in order to achieve his aim of assisting people with growing their very own real estate investing business, he created his own company, the Virtual Real Estate Investing Club (VREIC). Continue reading to find out what is virtual real estate investing is all about.

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DC Fawcett says that most millionaires are made when the markets are down, as they provide plenty of opportunities to invest because of the lower market value. Which is where we are headed right now, whether we like it or not (no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic). If you’re someone who wants to take advantage of this downtrend turn, DC Fawcett is willing to teach you his real estate strategies which, as you may have know, are done virtually. With this, he claims that you don’t need to leave the comforts of your home, or meet with just about anyone, since everything is done online.

He also says that you don’t even need much capital for this to work. And that plenty of deals are now available in the real estate market today because the big “bully buyers” (Zillow, Redfin, Opendoor) are forced to play it safe during these uncertain times. And this is the idea behind DC Fawcett’s Virtual Real Estate Investing Club. It is a platform designed to teach you how to invest in real estate in a remote way using only a phone and a laptop.

This virtual real estate investing group aims to assist beginners, as well as already experienced investors in terms of giving them good strategies so that they can make more money from their investments. In VREIC, you will be learning how to remotely invest in real estate, how you can get leads with the use of social media, how to automate every real estate investing process, and how to fund your business deals. It’s more or less the same as other real estate courses teach, and if there’s any difference it has, it’s that this one has a strong emphasis on online methods.

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And the cost? It depends on which variant you choose. You see, VREIC is available in both digital and physical forms. The digital version costs $297, and you can also pay using four installments of $99 if you cannot it straight away. On the other hand, the physical version will cost you $3,997. You cannot pay for this via installments though. I am not sure what the difference between these versions is, but I could only assume that the physical ones include face-to-face sessions and whatnot. As DC Fawcett has been selling “make money in real estate” programs for 12+ years online, you may think that this is also a rather legit investment to take.

However, over the years, DC’s reputation has been quite tainted with plenty of bumps. His company, Virtual Real Estate Investing Club LLC which is based in Florida, has a disappointing F rating in the Better Business Bureau (BBB). There are also plenty of reviews about him complaining that his courses are scams, and that right after they paid for the course they want to enroll in, they are immediately contacted about an upsell of a more expensive coaching program. Other complaints even say that the coaches do not give proper answers to important concerns regarding business deals. They often refer those who ask questions to a monthly conference call to get their answers there.

And to make matters worse, a lot of people are complaining about Fawcett’s business practices. For one, there was a complaint regarding how one of his virtual assistants told a paying customer that he needs to cough up another $5k so that he can get his concerns answered properly. There’s also the concern of how the refunds work. Another complaint was regarding how they stop answering emails and phone calls whenever someone decides to ask for a refund. Yikes. So much for customer service. Another concerning complaint is that apparently, Fawcett takes 50% of the deals you get and have someone negotiate on your behalf. Well, that doesn’t sound right. Aren’t you supposed to be the one handling those matters, and their only purpose is to give you insights?

There are actually a lot more complaints about Fawcett and VREIC around, that it may be too long to list them here. And it’s apparent that Fawcett also got tired of them, which is why he is trying to hide them. He has made sure to optimize his content under search terms like “VREIC scam” or “DC Fawcett reviews” so that instead of complaints, people will see things he has written instead. Yeah, in my opinion, he is abusing the system so that those negative reviews will be buried. Overall, stay away from this guy. Besides, the Virtual Real Estate Investing Club offers nothing new to the table, anyway, so it’s much better if you just look for a more reliable and reputable business mentor.

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