VRM Formula Review (Short Term Sage)

Do you have any property that’s left hanging and no one’s occupying it for the time being? At the same time is that you don’t have extra time to manage or even maintain it? That’s an asset left hanging for you my friend. Jon and Julian have a proposal for you where they will be the ones maintaining the property and at the same time can help you earn some passive income. Want to know their approach? Read my VRM Formula review for more information.

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Your properties can be listed on Airbnb or VRBO or Bookings.com and have it rented by tourists visiting the country or a specific place. It is furthermore likely to get rented if they’re built in a place where there’s a nearby attraction site, a beach, and the likes. I know you already get the gist of it. With the term “co hosting”, other people will manage your property and will do all of the things listed above for you. 

In this way, you already don’t have to worry about your property, at the same time you’ll be helping other people earn a little income without putting out much money from their own pockets while you’re earning some passive income instead of just letting it out there eating dust. Well technically, that’s what the job they listed for. And how to become a professional on that “job” is what Jon and Julian will teach you.

The idea kicked in for Julian when he and his wife decided to rent out their basement on Airbnb. He became interested in short term rental successes where he even created podcasts featuring successful people in the said industry. One of them is his now business partner, Jon Bell, when in that time shared his success on managing short term rentals, scaling from 0 to 24 rental properties in a span of 18 months, bringing in a cash flow of $45,000 a month without owning any single property. Who wouldn’t be interested in that, right?

Let me clarify again two terms that are important in starting short term rentals without the idea of putting out too much money yourself. “Co hosting” as I said earlier is the idea of managing the short term rental of other owners for a fee (that’s $0 out of your pocket). Another one is Arbitrage where you rent a unit from an owner as a long term rental, then you’ll convert it to short term rentals (cost depends on how much the owner will ask you for your long term rental).

Short Term Sage is the platform they created, where each and every individual in the said community are called Vacationpreneurs, who are ambitious entrepreneurs wanting to achieve financial success through short term rentals. It is apparently more fulfilling than doing the traditional 9-5 job or doing long term rentals.  They provide every strategy and resources that you might need in order to succeed in this venture. It offers different programs and one of them is the VRM Formula.

The VRM Formula is an 8-week training program that shows you how to start your business on Airbnb without owning a property and the best part of it is that it’s on autopilot. It consists of step-by-step instructions and all the tools that you need in order to achieve your goals as a short term rental host. They also offer 2-hour weekly coaching and have a private community where you can talk and sometimes discuss things with your fellow Vacationpreneurs.

What you will learn from their program are ways on how to set up a business on Airbnb that will allow you to generate 6 up to 7-figure profit, automate the process and eventually build a profitable business that can let you quit your day job and start living the vacation rental life. One mistake that can be seen from this is for example co hosting a lot of properties in the same space where there can be sometimes an “offseason” and you won’t be generating any income at all.

All of these at the cost of $5,000 or you can cut it down to two payments of $2,600 each. Julian’s tips for everyone – find your own niche, the thing that you loved the most doing, build a connection within that niche and provide value to the people who helped you along your journey. You can do these things all by yourself. Experiencing all the hardships and challenges will give you the best feeling of success when you get there.

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