Michael Walding Review

Michael Walding

Michael Walding believes that surrounding yourself with quality individuals is important in succeeding in life. “You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with,” Michael continues. He promises that he can be that quality individual for you if you want to be successful in a Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA)  business. After all, he worked so hard to achieve what he has today and is still proactively looking for ways to make his already successful life much better. Read this Michael Walding review to learn more about him.

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Michael Walding is an eCommerce expert that founded NXTLVL Services, a program that provides a done for you (DFY) Amazon FBA business. For $25,000 to establish the business, a credit card with a balance of at least $7,500 and 35% of your store’s net profit as a monthly management fee, the program promises to provide a complete hands-off business that will earn you a steady passive income.

Before his stint in Amazon FBA, Michael was a professional body builder. Such profession requires good work ethics and determination – Michael had those qualities plus the insane confidence and mindset. He then brought these good qualities in creating and overseeing his company. He was then able to develop his team, scale the company, and manage its day-to-day operations successfully.

Michael also shared that the primary motivation for establishing NXTLVL Services is the desire to help others succeed like him. This is natural for someone being an avid volunteer and committing over 650 hours as an unpaid lifeguard with the American Red Cross Volunteer Lifesaving Corps at Jacksonville Beach in Florida. He is also very active in charitable causes, most notably donating under his grandmother’s name to help provide education to underprivileged kids. In terms of helping with his company, he promises that NXTLVL not only offers financial freedom to its customers, but also comes with providing a life on your own terms. After all, Michael and his team will do all the work for your business as long as you finance it.

He is a legitimate person with a wonderful personality, but I cannot recommend his program especially to beginners. First issue is the steep cost to avail his service. It is expected since it is DFY, and you legitimately do not need to lift a finger to run the business. However, the percent cut is still too high and comes with a huge risk of operating a business at a loss. What if your FBA store does not make enough sales to profit?

There are also concerns on some reviews of his program. In the Better Business Bureau (BBB), NXTLVL Services is only rated as C and has two major complaints. The content of the complaints, however, were unknown (and has been censored) due to the reviewers signing a non-disparagement contract with Michael and his company.

Michael Walding Review

It is also important to know the ins and outs of any business you are investing to. You can be hands-off most of the time but still be knowledgeable enough to make critical decisions for your business. NXTLVL Services does not provide any training on FBA at all which is not ideal. Worst, they can take advantage of your naivety since they are the one operating your business.

Ultimately, it is not also advisable to start a business in Amazon FBA. With over 73% of the 9.5 million sellers globally being an Amazon FBA seller, the market is just too saturated to guarantee success. This is still true even if managed by a team of expert.  NXTLVL Services not offering any concrete plans on advertising makes establishing your brand in the said platform very difficult to achieve.

To conclude, Michael Walding and his NXTLVL Services program is not a scam. He is also telling the truth about his program being able to provide a 100% hands-off business. However, I do not recommend joining his program primarily due to the business model it offers. If you are a beginner, it is much better to look for a better business model with less expensive startup cost and better chances in succeeding than trying your luck on a very competitive Amazon FBA industry.

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