Wallace Wealth Academy Review (Matt Wallace)

Matt Wallace

Matt Wallace won’t stop talking about gold in his Twitter account. Fun facts about gold like how the US got the largest gold reserves, quotes showing how superior it is to anything else, and all that. Am I surprised? No, not really because I’m aware that his Wallace Wealth Academy is all about building your wealth by reselling gold and other precious metals. Now, is the business opportunity here really, ahem, golden or nah? I’ll let you know below.

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Imma be honest with y’all, I almost write off Matt as an up to no good troll. Why, I initially thought he’s bullsh*tting with his company. He named it AURIC Enterprises which is after a fictional metallurgical company in Goldfinger, a 1964 James Bond film. The rather interesting name choice made me think that his AURIC Enterprises is fictional as well. Color me surprised when I see the company’s website that tells me it’s not.

What he’s doing there is even aligned well with the business opportunity on his training program. Evaluating real value of gold and other precious metals, buying and selling them, and polishing the scrap ones. They’re apparently doing all of it, although the selling part is the only one I can validate that’s probably legit. I mean, I don’t think he can easily fake the 342 sales on his Etsy shop.

However, knowing all that is not enough to assure that dude really walks the talk. I say this NOT because I’m stupidly hard to convince, but because of his Etsy shop being on a break. Could be a meaningless brief vacay, but it could also be really meaningful. If it’s the latter, it’s either an indication that dude would not be updated to teach the biz effectively or an admission that flipping gold and precious metals for profit is not that lucrative as he says it is.

Bet t’was the last one or dude won’t be out here selling his thang in a course. I get the need to diversify your income stream, but why not focus on the main money maker biz rather than the side one?  It’s either the dude needs to set his priorities straight or set the record straight (regarding his thang and business opportunity on Wallace Wealth Academy). One or the other, but it’s likely the latter.

He won’t probably set the record straight, so I will. Before I do, I think it’s for the best to talk about his program Wallace Wealth Academy first. The main takeaway here is it’ll help you build a six-figure gold and precious metal company from scratch even with zero experience and little to no capital. As written on the program’s website, expect at least $10k of consistent monthly income from the biz.

Wallace Wealth Academy Review

You’ll learn how to properly test the authenticity of gold and other precious metals with Wallace Wealth Academy’s core training, and assess their true value with the program’s proprietary calculator. To add, you’ll also be able to tap into his seven secret suppliers and trusted refiners (because there’s only a handful of honest ones apparently). All of that plus access to an exclusive Wallace Wealth Academy community would cost you $997.

Now, here’s the truth, good and bad, about the business opportunity. The good: There is some value (albeit very little) on knowing how to evaluate the authenticity of gold and other precious metals. I don’t think the skill to do this is any special given the availability of easy-to-use metal testers, but I guess it’s something. Who knows, it might give you a slight edge when trying to land a job in a pawnshop. Pathetic, I know.

The bad: I don’t think you can sell gold consistently to ever make a steady income out of it, let alone earn at least $10k monthly. So many people are already out there doing this before you even think about it, and I can’t think of any way to make you stand out among this pretty sizable bunch. To illustrate how many, here’s to Matt’s claim of teaching this to 20k peeps already. 20 f*cking K and it’s just Matt’s students. Makes me wonder if there’s any room left for newcomers to bloom. Opportunity is not really golden, I should say. I’ll pass.

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