Real Ecom Empire Review (Walmart Automation)

Walmart Automation

Real Ecom Empire’s Raphael Vargas, together with co-founder Dylan Baker, stars in yet another confusing YouTube ad. This time, “GODs fav billionaire” Raphael is talking about Amazon automation. What’s weird about this, as you might’ve guessed from the title of this review, is them being misleading for no reason. They’re offering Walmart automation and not Amazon’s. Not that they can’t talk about the latter, but the gist of the ad suggests that they’re on the ‘zon. Scroll for more info.

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Another odd thing in the ad I mentioned above, same for most of the ads of Real Ecom Empire really, is that Dylan is just your no talk all nods type of guy. I don’t think he’s an eye-candy too, so what’s the purpose of him being there while adding absolutely nothing to the discussion? Reminds me of the Optimyze ad, just a whole ‘nother level of awkward.

‘Nyway, moving on to their so-called free “case study” to see what’s inside the program. Raphael here opens up with saying that what they offer is the “number one way to make passive income.” And you gotta believe Raphael, says him, because he had a spreadsheet that listed the impressive profit figures. Like yeah, you can’t totally input whatever figure you want there, right? Right?

Sarcasm aside, that’s actually the major “proof” showed by Raphael to say they’re legit. I highly doubt it. Not when he showed one of their “products” with only three ratings. The ad was filmed around 2021, mind you. Fast forward to now, the product goes from three ratings to *drum roll* four… two of them are pretty unsatisfied with their orders too, f*cking yikes.

Regardless of that, it doesn’t stop Raphael to claim that they can build a $100k sales a month DFY Walmart store. As usual from these mentors that offers DFY, they’ll do everything except carrying the biggest risks which is financing the whole thing. Specifically, they’ll choose the product and suppliers, create product listings, and handle fulfillment for you. No need to hire staffs or any of those similar tasks, what you’ll do is just wait for your profit cut to come via wire transfer.

Regarding the financial risks, Real Ecom Empire charges a hefty price that would cost you around $25k-$30k upfront. That’s just the cost for their “work” of setting up your store. The cost of actually stocking up the inventory would require you to have $30,000-$50,000 on a credit card. Raphael would gladly take more to apparently scale your biz faster than ever (cap). To top it all off, Real Ecom Empire will take a 25% cut from the net profit, if there’s any at all.

Real Ecom Empire Review

Aside from the high capital requirements, there’s also a possibility of your store getting suspended. I’m not surprised that you’ll get a banhammer here as Raphael is quite notorious for suggesting fraudulent sh*t (the illegal version of sh*tty life pro tips) on his other ventures. Just like how he and Bandman Kevo is giving advice on doing mortgage the wrong (and illegal) way. I don’t know, seems to be a level up for ‘em. Once called a scammer, but now they’re teaching others how to scam as well… what a bunch of douchebags, for real.

So back to the store getting suspended… will they give you a refund under their 18-month money back guarantee? From reading the terms and conditions, I don’t think so. They’ll find ways to put the blame on ya… Excuse me, how would you “abuse Walmart terms or guidelines” when they’re the ones handling the store? It’s still your fault so you’ll get zero dollars in return. Worst, you have to agree that you can’t essentially sue them if they f*cked up. And them f*cking up is very probable as Raphael is literally the Jon Snow of eCom… he knows nothing. He’s just quick to ride the hype of eCommerce and automation combined.

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend Real Ecom Empire at all. Too pricey and too risky of an endeavor, IMO. I wouldn’t trust my money to a guy like Raphael either. He’s the typical “financial guru” who flexes his money, not solid success proof of his offers, to entice you to throw more money at him. He just clings on hype and drama to become relevant. Funny that he got caught in 4k too for faking a robbery for clout. What should I say, never trust anyone like Raphael who wears dark shades on an equally dark room.

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