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Tom Wang has always been fascinated with finding ways to earn a side income since he was young. He’s not ashamed to admit that before, he used to sell school utensils to second graders. And while he’s working a 9-5 day job as an ad seller for Yellow Pages, he’s also flipping watches on night markets and selling the so-called “hoverboards” on Craiglist as side hustles. While these ventures gave him modest success financially, they definitely gave him the foundation for his eventual success in Amazon FBA. Which, coincidentally, took place after one of his big business failures.

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Tom Wang was actually born and raised in China. However, he and his family to Canada in 2001, when he was still 10 years old. This is where he would learn and try various side hustles to earn money, which would persist even after he graduated. Then in 2015, one tragedy turned into an opportunity for him. In 2015, he ordered 15 hoverboards from China for $300 each to resell online for $500 each. However, 10 of the hoverboards delivered were defective. Thus, Tom Wang lost his last $5,000 investment.

But it was also during this time that he met a friend who introduced him to the world of Amazon FBA. He then partnered up with him in order to learn more from him. And gradually, he fell in love with it. Amazon FBA is also the first business venture that proved to be highly successful for Tom Wang, so eventually, he left his corporate job to completely focus on selling on Amazon.

During his Amazon FBA tenure, Tom also launched his own brand, Sdara Skincare. The company generated over $8 million in sales revenue each year, which is again another impressive feat. In 2021, however, Tom Wang sold Sdara Skincare to Thrasio for a seven-figure profit. There’s no official explanation as to why he did it, but the money he got from the sale made Tom Wang an internet billionaire.

It’s at this point that Tom Wang and his wife, Christina, have decided to diversify their wealth in several investments so that each of them can grow further. According to their wealth-building strategy, he spent 30% of his net wealth on real estate, 30% on stocks, 10% on cryptocurrency, and the remaining 10% they kept as cash. The reason for this ratio is that Tom Wang himself admits that he likes to be a little riskier when it comes to his investments. Because he believes that it results to more earnings, should he succeed.

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He has also invested some of his money in real estate projects by Manny Khoshbin, a real estate mogul. The idea is that he’s going to invest in a real estate project, and once it’s completed, he’ll earn back the invested money plus a good amount of profits relative to how much he invested. He also attempted to start his own AirBNB rental for extra income, and has decided to hire a team to handle all the bookkeping for this business, simply because he considers managing his AirBNB business a headache.

Today, most of his earned income comes from selling his online course, his Amazon FBA Masterclass. As he has already made big success with his Amazon FBA business, he now aims to teach others so that they could also duplicate his success in the same business venture. He also offers various coaching lessons and partnerships for people who aim to expand their Amazon FBA business even further. And aside from that, he’s also currently building another brand for his Amazon FBA business, though any further details about that new brand are unavailable at this time.

He currently has a net worth of at least ten million dollars. The exact specifics on how he got his net worth are also unavailable to the public eye. But for sure, one of the sources of his wealth is when he was able to sell his Amazon FBA brand to a big company. He may also have made quite a lot of money from his various Amazon FBA business ventures. But most people seem to claim that he makes money more from selling his online courses.

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