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The War Room Review (Bryan Bottarelli)

Bryan Bottarelli

Bryan Bottarelli should be more mindful of what content to put out to hype The War Room, his live trading advisory service. In particular, I don’t vibe with the opening statement in “get ready to trade like you’ve never traded before.” No offense Bryan, but is that the best you got? The dog Bryan in a popular (yet a bit f*cked up) cartoon can be more insightful than that. Scroll below for more info about him and his program.

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I mean, a skeptic like me would interpret the said opening statement in a way Bryan didn’t intend to. That is, the service is so bad, even someone with trading knowledge will end up losing badly just like they’ve never traded before. Get it? Am I just getting tired of generic day trading marketing stuff? I could be. Doesn’t mean he can spill some tired lines without hearing from me. Not on my watch.

Interestingly enough, the interpretation I mentioned above is a subtle hint of what to expect on Bryan’s The War Room. Yup, it’s kinda bad. But before we get into the things that made it like that, let’s discuss what it is exactly first. Y’know, beside the fact that it is an live trading advisory service like Tim Plaehn’s.

I’m gonna assume that you, the one reading this review, don’t have any idea what the heck even is an advisory service and what it means when you do day trading. Let’s start discussing that for a bit first. An advisory service in trading means you’ll be getting some sort of instruction regarding a stock and/or options (here, you’ll get advice about the latter). What is it that you’ll buy, by how much, and when. That’s the usual info provided by an advisory service, anyway.

On the other hand, the trades falling under the day trading category answers the when part— all trades are usually completed within a day. Quite the opposite of a pick and hold trades where it take a lot of time to get all done. No such thing as diamond hands here, complete the trades quickly and you’re good to go. If you get it right, you’ll get your profit in a day or two, if not in a few hours. Rinse and repeat.

Essentially, the gist behind The War Room is that Bryan can provide you with winning picks, the ones that make you money, instantly (in real time) and consistently. The consistency here means that the trading is less of a gamble now since you’ll be getting the right picks most of the time because Bryan, an expert options trader or so he says, told you so. The promise is he’ll give you at least 322 winning trades within a year.

With that, let’s move on to discussing what you’ll get upon purchasing The War Room. First, you’ll obviously get the picks and trading recommendations. One to three of them every day for twelve months. You can view the picks on the site via The War Room chatroom or on the go via a trade alert (push notifications). You’ll also get some videos regarding trading setup plus the usual special reports. The price of The War Room? For a one-year subscription, The War Room will cost you $2,500. Add another grand if you want a two-year subscription right off the bat.

The War Room Review

So, what makes The War Room bad IMHO? One and the most glaring one to me is the price. It’s hella expensive for an investment suggestion that “should be made only after consulting with your investment advisor.” Yeah, the sneaky disclaimer similar to the Not Financial Advice (NFA) one strikes again. I also stand firmly with my rule-of-thumb of spending only a grand or less for services like this. More than that is an overpay, full stop.

To add, there are reviews that mention how you’ll hear nothing but crickets from the customer service. For something that autorenews (the one-year subscription in particular) and this pricey, it’s unacceptable. And you know what, I’m obviously disappointed, but not surprised. I mean, Bryan not including any warranties or refunds is a lowkey indication that he doesn’t want to be bothered anymore once you already hand him out your mullahs.

Above all, I’m not a big fan of The War Room’s business model. Specifically, day trading is just too risky for me to ever recommend. It’s also not beginner-friendly due to its high capital requirement. And well, who wants to go on with their day anticipating time-sensitive alerts that may or may not arrive. Doesn’t matter if he offers a push notification too, it’ll just make the trader go from being glued to their computer screen to now glued to their phone LCDs. No thanks!

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