Jason Wardrop Review

Jason Wardrop

Jason Wardrop’s thang for teaching people apparently made his life extraordinary. Instead of receiving the usual “good morning” messages, he’s waking up to “look, I made it!” texts of his students with one (who made $10k a single day)being very appreciative of his mentorship. That’s what he said on an Instagram post, but the reviews about his software company in Arsenal MKG says otherwise. What’s the real deal, then? Find out in my review about him below.

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First of all, who’s Jason? In his website, he introduced himself as an entrepreneur, marketer, and sport enthusiast. No complaints except on the entrepreneur label. But before I spill why I have some issues on that, let me explain why I’m (somehow) fine with him using the other two. 

For his marketer label, you can see him doing (or teaching) marketing stuff on his YouTube channel. There, he shares some tips and tricks from setting up paid ads like Facebook ads up to starting a digital marketing agency. He even has a video on how to earn one grand a day as a YouTuber… Wait , what?

I check this last one out myself since I’m really curious how he’s apparently cashing in a grand every day despite the pathetic views of his recent uploads. It’s obviously not through Google adsense. No mention of some BS YouTube automation either. Turns out, it’s earning from affiliate links that you drop on your video’s description. Not liking it since I see similarities to the scummy Partner With Anthony program I’ve reviewed before. I won’t go into details regarding this, that’s for another review. The point is that he’s really a marketer, period. Moving on….

I don’t mind his sport enthusiast label either. He seems really into it, especially snowboarding and cycling. Funny thing regarding his love for cycling is seeing a bicycle ad that pops up on his screen while he’s presenting his “earning one grand a day from YouTube” thing. And oh, he even made his baby son watch March Madness, so his love for everything sports continues on.

With all that being said, here comes the problem on his entrepreneur label (and the problem on him, in general). The only thing that I can associate with being an entrepreneur is him selling courses and a rather sh*tty real estate lead gen software under his Arsenal MKG company. He’s no Danielle Leslie, so him primarily earning from selling courses is kinda disgraceful. Charging a grand for his Digital Marketing Agency course when he doesn’t have an agency himself? F*ck off, dude.

He’s not really selling the software straight up either. It’s just a bling that comes with yet another course of him. And obviously, it’s sh*tty like I mentioned. Aside from not doing its purpose very well (generating unqualified leads that rarely convert), the customer service reps handling the inquiries about it are notoriously unhelpful. With them only conversing through emails, their usual reply when someone asks for help is to reference their training videos. That is, if they respond and answer your inquiry at all. And yes, making you look like a dumb fool is not enough, how about getting left on read too?

Jason Wardrop Review

Hell, there are times when it’s so atrociously bad that they would respond by referring to their competitors’ software instead. Yikes. It’s either Jason not giving a damn about hiring competent customer reps (that deservingly backfires badly) or the said reps knowing something that we don’t. Good heads up to not proceed with purchasing the software, nonetheless.

To add, he’s also a repeat offender of twisting refund policies with fine prints. You thought you could get out of his mess scot-free? Nah, you can’t. Not with your money back. From his presentation, anyone could easily think that he’s offering a thirty-day refund policy with no questions asked. Turns out, the policy he got for almost all his offers is a no refund policy. Before, it’s a one-day all questions asked return policy… so, also no refund with just extra steps, essentially.

Thus, I really don’t think that someone is that appreciative of Jason as a mentor. It’s probably him just texting himself to get some cookie points on the ‘gram. IMHO, a crow will turn white first before someone can earn $10k from him and his sh*tty courses. Obviously, I won’t recommend any of it like the Million Dollar Agency course that cost $997 nor Arsenal MKG’s software that cost $99 a month. I don’t really care if he’s truly a marketer and sport enthusiast. What matters are the problems that come with him being an entrepreneur and it’s telling me to stay TF away from him.

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