Business Mastery University Review (Mike Warren)

Mike Warren

Mike Warren asks if you ever wonder about the following: How some people are able to buy a business with no money down; how some business owners get away with not putting work in themselves while still getting cash flow to themselves; and how can someone buy a biz outside their state and/or country. If your answer is yes, then you better check out his Business Mastery University program, says him. But before signing up, read this review first.

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As expected, the way he says to check out his paid stuff on their site isn’t that straightforward. He’ll warm you first with the business model, which sounds too good to be true to begin with, through a free 90-minute training. And yes, he even knows how fake sounding his scheme is. Made him hilariously passive aggressive while fumbling his words on the ad’s description. Not him labeling those who call his business opportunity scam or BS as entitled pricks that have never done it, pfft. You gotta chill, old man.

Anyway, he’ll teach you the basic how-to’s of his biz on the free training. How to find these deals that enable other people to purchase a biz with no money down. How to structure these no money down deals. How to talk to the seller. How to make your (bought) companies grow. All that stuff. However, Mike didn’t structure the training solely for telling you all that, but also a way for them to find “dream” partners, five of them, that he and his team will help themselves with business acquisition.

Funny enough, Mike fumbled his words yet again here. Aside from the free training being only 38 minutes long (as opposed to 90 minutes), he also wasn’t able to make the number of partners they’re looking for consistent. Five on the video, as I mentioned earlier, while three on the text written below. Is he not giving any sh*t on the quality of his products that he let this (crucial) mistake slip or is this done on purpose to weed out those with attention to details who’s likely not stupid enough to fall for absurd claims? Either way, they’re both turrible if true.

And it’s only 10 minutes in and I already wanna bawl my eyes out on watching Mike does his bullsh*tting on the free training. A lot of fluff in here, like dropping some quotes that didn’t make sense in any given context at all. Ugh. What’s worse is his actual business model. Basically: buy a profitable business that is miraculously priced below its net profit, structure the payment in a way that the biz pays it for ya, negotiate with creditors  that are more than willing to wipe any (big) debts on new owners using Mike’s secret script, let the experts handle the operations of the biz you just bought, and flip it soon for a big lump sum of about 3x its original value.

Business Mastery University Review

First of all, I really don’t buy his reason for profitable businesses to suddenly sell out for cheap. One of them is the baby boomers situation wherein they just want to get their business off their hands. I accept a similar narrative to justify a possible surge in assisted living demand, but not here. They’re just old, not necessarily dumb, and they usually have kids and grandkids to pass the biz on. To add, I don’t accept the reason linked to the pandemic either. If you can buy a biz that closed during the pandemic for cheap, they’re likely not profitable at all.

What the heck even is the secret script, anyway? Are you out here with a pocket watch swingin’ and hypnotizin’ the creditors? If the (US) government won’t give a damn wiping off students’ debt, no way a creditor would write off a big amount of business debt just because they like you and you say the right words. They’re a business Mike, not charity.

Most importantly, why would  he involve you at all if he claims to have the money to acquire a biz for you within 90 days? He could’ve done that himself and do the flipping biz, the one he claims as never talked about enough, so he can retire from selling courses, but nope. We all know, or maybe now you know once you read this review, how mergers and acquisitions aren’t as simple as Mike describes. And oh, he’s also lying about the biz not being talked about enough as guys like Roland Frasier already guru-fied this sh*t. That being said, I don’t recommend Business Mastery University and its paid Blueprint program that cost around $3k.

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