Ecom Warrior Academy Review (Matthew Lepre)

Matthew Lepre

Matthew Lepre pushes others to step out of their comfort zone in an Instagram post. Quite literally as he said to put oneself in uncomfortable situations as much as possible. “Feel the pain… then, with your back against the wall, will your way to success,” he continues. Funny that he just accidentally described what usually happens, minus the success part, on a dropshipping endeavor that’s offered by his Ecom Warrior Academy program. Scroll below to know more about him and his program.

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Don’t get me wrong, I have some respect for Matthew for coming out victorious after putting himself in an uncomfortable situation. He dropped out of Uni and had to work three manual labor jobs just to pursue his eCommerce dreams. Simply put, he worked hella hard to make those dreams a reality.

However, I don’t think you can just copy what he’s done before to replicate his success. He’s claiming that you can do it by paying for his Ecom Warrior Academy mentoring program, but I had my doubts. If he has some time machine to turn back time, sure I’ll let it pass.

Obviously, he has none of that so I beg to disagree. A lot of time has passed by since launching his profitable beauty products and ebooks Shopify store. A lot of stuff has also changed and this includes almost everything about eCommerce and dropshipping. It’s actually much harder to sniff success today in dropshipping for a number of reasons.

First off, you have to compete with more people doing the same sh*t. Thousands of them. It’s hard to stand out among the rest regardless of any expensive courses under your belt.

Somewhat related to the stiff competition is the increase in ads cost to promote your eCom store. You need to spend quite a fortune on it to get some eyes looking at your store. Else, it’ll pick nothing but dust. And oh, the baseline cost for ads, Facebook ads for example, is much steeper now compared to the figures before.

To add, buyers are more picky than ever. You can’t just sell some crappy products from overseas and call it a day. The quality and fulfillment speed is not under your control in a dropshipping biz but you’ll get the lion share of blame when things go wrong. The supplier who’s responsible for such usually gets away scot-free. Simply put, you’re more or less at the mercy of the said suppliers.

Anyway, let’s talk about the deets of Matthew’s program. There’s not much info on the site unless you sign up for his free training. To my surprise, there’s some value in his free offer. It’s not a straight up one video of a sales pitch BS. Instead, it’s a mini course that introduces the basics of dropshipping… and a module to sell his mentoring program in the end.

The modules, titled according to their main topic, are as follows: Introduction, What is Dropshipping, Benefits of Dropshipping, How Does The Business Model Work, Platforms To Build Your Stores, How to Find A Product and Supplier, How To Get People To Your Website, and Dropshipping Accelerator Mentoring Program.

Ecom Warrior Academy Review

Of course, the free offer is not enough to get you started. That’s why he’s encouraging you to pick up his pricier mentoring program for beginners. From the last module of the free training, Matthew promises to solve your biggest dropshipping problems in product, traffic, and automation once you sign up for his mentoring program. 

Essentially, they’ll help in choosing the right product for your store, make your own video ads, and provide tools to make all the tedious processes in dropshipping automated. And they’ll do it through a course material of nine modules with over 60 videos, daily live mentoring calls, and an access to a Facebook support group.

There’s no figure included in the sales page, but the price of the said mentoring program is commonly reported online to be around $4,000 or more. Too pricey for a beginner course, IMHO.

To conclude, I don’t recommend Matthew’s Ecom Warrior Academy program. Besides the expensive cost of the program, I just can’t recommend dropshipping as a business model in 2022 and beyond. It’s easier to fail miserably and operate at a loss here than become profitable. Quite frankly, there are much better ways to start your own biz other than this.

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